Geadopteerd: 30-06-2012
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We hebben Zosya moeten laten inslapen. Wat een stoere hond. Missen je enorm!

JULI 2012

Hereby a short update of our first week with our two new dogs Zosya and Mickey – but before that we like to thank the Russion volunteers for their effort and care for these dogs! Furthermore, we thank the Dutch volunteers for their enthousiasm and energy making it feasible from the Dutch side. Ok, so how was the first week? Well, it was a good one!!
Both dogs were kind and already the first day Mickey placed all his focus on us – where we went he followed. Zosia was a bit more reluctant but already the next day decided that the nice large baskets we gave them were indeed comfortable and so she nesteled and fell in a deep sleep. Training of “going in basket” and “come here” were the first to learn and the dogs are both doing very well. Particularly Mickey is quick in coming quickly and wants to please. Because Mickey was doing so well and is a dog that clearly needs to releave his energy we had him off leash already two days later – and he does marvelous! Zosia we tried as well but she needed more stability and so we visited the same place in the forest more often – and now she also can have her run. It is clear they grow in their comfort zone and are happy to be able to do their own thing for a while. Going to the beach on our island Texel was the most fun; although a bit unsure at first what to do on such a big sand flat, they got more excited the closer they came to the waterfront. They started running around and splashing through the water! We had friends over with kids and the dogs and kids got along well. It was a warm day and all in all it was a great cool down and great fun for all of them. The only thing the dogs do need to learn is not to drink too much seawater 🙂
For now we are teaching them to stay on the grass besides the road during our walks in the neighbourhood of our house and Zosia not to dive in the muddy water ditches next to the road (she seems to LOVE water).
All well and more later!

JULI 2012