Nieuwe naam: Ziggy
Geadopteerd: 20-08-2020
Naam: Thom
Geslacht: Reu
Geboortejaar: November 2017
Schofthoogte: 50 cm
Gewicht: 24 kg
Ras: Kruising
Gecastreerd: ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: afwachtend
Houding tov kinderen: vanaf 10 jaar
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

De vrijwilligers uit Rusland zijn erg dankbaar voor de adopties en zijn natuurlijk erg blij met alle updates uit Nederland waarin ‘hun’ dieren in de nieuwe thuis en omgeving te zien zijn.

Het zou geweldig zijn om de Russische vrijwilligers het resultaat van hun vele werk te laten zien.

Wij willen u vragen alstublieft foto’s of video’s te mailen naar om de vrijwilligers uit Rusland hun gelukkige rushonden te laten zien. Of u kunt een update plaatsen in onze besloten facebook-groep waar de Russische vrijwillig(st)ers ook lid van zijn en waar adoptanten hun foto’s en verhalen delen.

Alvast enorm veel dank. Voor ons teamwerk is dit heel erg belangrijk.

Thom and his sister Eva 2 (watch side) lived in a forest place near Moscow, where they were discovered by an elderly woman and sheltered in her home.

Thom is calm, attentive to people. He tries to please people, to understand what we want from him. At first, he treats strangers a little with caution, but after a short time gets used to and ceases to be afraid. Thom gladly goes for a walk, walks well on a leash, obeys his master and knows commands “sit”, “next to”. On the dog’s playground, he runs with other dogs with pleasure.

Now Thom lives in an apartment with his sister Eva 2, cats, children – communicates with everyone easily and without aggression. Thom had experience living with exotic animals (parrot and turtles). Staying alone in the apartment, Thom does not howl or bark, does not bite anything.

He enjoys going for walks three times a day, but can endure all day and go to the toilet only twice – in the morning and in the evening.

Thom has no hunting instinct, he doesn’t run after anyone, he doesn’t chase, and he doesn’t dig the earth and does not dig holes. He likes to sniff bushes and trees on a walk, and also runs on leash around a man and rides like a little puppy.

Thom is a bearded dog, approximate date of birth – November 2017. Half-breed, short-haired, color black and white, with a small beard on the face, ears are semi-permanent. Thom is neutered, vaccinated, has no health problems. The teeth are cured and brushed. He always eats with pleasure both dry food and natural products, absolutely no food finicky. He likes to enjoy cheese and other sweets, so he has a small excess weight.

Thom is attached to any family with children and with cats and other dogs, as well as exotic animals – Thom gets along with everyone and loves everyone.