JUNI 2018

Snow.. who would have thought he turns out like this.

Snow was born in the street. He got to the shelter with her mother, brothers and sisters late 2012 as a small boy. His shoulder height is 57 cm. Weight is about 30 kg. Castrated, vaccinated, treated against all parasites.

His mother was absolutely wild and Snow has this genetic load as well (not all the puppies were wild, many of them went towards people at once). After a while Snow became more trusting, but that was far from easy for him. All went very slowly. About 2,5 years ago Snow became to feel comfortable wearing a leash, rather quickly. The problem is he could hardly trust people. He is afraid of harsh sounds and can pull the leash being scared. According to my own experience, such dogs free themselves with difficulty in the shelter. But he feels someone’s care, kindness, he will change.

If Snow has a home, he will hide at home when being scared. It is very important for him to have a place of his own. At the shelter his place is his kennel, which he shared with his brother Garik. Garik is living in the family for 2,5 years already. Now Snow got used to living alone, but before that he suffered from being apart from his brother.

Snow walks at a leash excellently, without pulling it. He is trying to behave himself well. We want to take him from the shelter to foster family, to see socialization results – it is impossible to pay more attention to a dog in the shelter and to realize his potential. For him it is better to have a family with other quiet, even-tempered dogs and a house with a garden. Snow is friendly to all dogs, I have never seen him growling or fighting with others. I believe Snow is very sensitive and touching dog.
Snow is a big eater. I bring him porridge with canned food or meat. He eats everything no matter how much food I give him. When we take Snow from the shelter, I will add some new items and complete his description.