Een dikke maand is ze bij ons onze Sheyla, maar wat een schat van een hond! Hier helpt ze de baas mee de takken opruimen.

This young big dog named Sheyla.
Sheyla is a big bear! Fluffy angel!

2. Year of birth is approximately beginning of 2017 year

3. Appearance – big dog with a very expressive muzzle. Fluffy. Need brushing.

4. Weight is 35 kg, height is 60 cm, neck circumference 46 cm, chest 60 cm

5. Health-clinically healthy. Chipped, vaccinated.

6. Castration/sterilization-sterilized

7. The history of the dog

Sheyla was found after the new year holidays with a scrap of chain around her neck. Later it turned out that she lived with a man who did not care for her. He didn’t feed her and didn’t even build her a kennel. Sheyla was fed by neighbors who even made the kennel for her. They said that before Sheyla that man had already had a dog who died at a young age. So Sheyla came to the foster place. Her previous master was not interested in about her faith. We are looking for a good new home for her, where she will be loved and cared.

8. Food – no food allergies, eats everything that you will give her. Dry food, preserves, dogs snacks

9. Character – very active and friendly dog, tuned to the person, opened, communicative, easy dog.

10. Attitude towards adults – friendly with any person

11. Attitudes towards children – on children were not tested yet. She is a big dog so prefer a family with adult kids or without kids

12. Attitude to other males and females – friendly with all dogs, loves to play with them, just chilling

13. Attitude to cats – normal, no aggression to cats does not show.

14. Attitude to other animals – unknown

15. As she walks on a leash – Sheyla is a very strong dog, but on a leash does not pull. To the leash is accustomed

16. Team – “to Me”, “place” has already mastered, generally easily trained dog. Commands in Russian. Easy training dog.

17. How to ride in a car – good.

18. Can she stay at home alone – unknown. Nowadays dog lives outside. Probably it takes time to get used.

19. Toilet – outside

20. Toys – like every teenager – carries all sorts of rags and soft toys.

21. Wishes by owners -suitable for any family, good if you have already had a dog

22. Wishes on a place of residence – we prefer a house with a garden or the farm