Roza is nu bijna een half jaar bij mij en ik ben zó blij met haar.Vanaf dag één de perfecte hond in huis, tuin en met wandelen.Binnen een week kon ze loslopen bij de kippen, ze leert alles heel snel. Is superlief, gehoorzaam, vrolijk, speels en rustig. Ik kan haar rustig een paar uur alleen thuis laten; dan gaat ze slapen.

MEI 2018
Zojuist 2 uur met Roza (en Gini) langs de rivier gewandeld. Roza weet al precies waar alle strandjes zijn en duikt overal met een grote plons in. Ze kan bijna overal loslopen want ze blijft automatisch bij mij in de buurt. Tegen alle honden is ze lief of speels en ik ben apetrots op haar (op allebei m’n honden). Nu 5 weken in Nederland is ze veranderd van een mooie Barbapappa in een gespierde wolf. De conditie is nog niet optimaal maar ik heb geen haast.


1. This dog with such an unusual color named Roza (Rose in English). Beautiful lady Roza. Wise and beautiful.

2. Year of birth is approximately – 2015

3. Appearance – mix of stray dogs. Wool of medium length. Turtle color (tricolor)

4. Weight is 33 kg, the size of the withers – 65 cm.

5. Health – externally healthy. Healthy problems not found.

6. Castration/sterilization: sterilized. Vaccinated. Chipped.

7. History of the dog

Roza came to the shelter in the middle of 2017 year. It is unknown how she appeared on the ground where she was taken to the shelter.
The place of refuge, which Roza chose for herself, was a playground. Day and night, in the heat and torrential rain, she devotedly waited for her little friends on the playground. The children played with her, the parents fed a big good dog. Roza showed herself so friendly and contacting that soon all the parents on the playground stopped worrying that the children are playing with the dog. Roza with all her heart attached to the kids, in the morning accompanied in kindergarten, friends older – to school, and faithfully waited, when the classes run out to spend back. As it always happens, there were people who did not like this neighborhood very much. Roza began to drive. She wandered the nearest quarters, always striving to return to those to whom she was attached. After all, the question was already serious: either the dog is taken away, or just poisoned. So Roza came to the shelter. Rosa is very kind, friendly, affectionate and very delicate, Roza is a strong dog, and believe that soon her luck will find her. And she also believes people very much. Roza is a dog with great heart and a good soul.

8. Food – Allergies are not revealed. Eats dry feed/canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character –Balanced, stable, unobtrusive, independent, very stretches to people.

10. Attitude towards adults – friendly with everyone.

11. Attitudes towards children – very fond of children. Simply adore kids!

12. Attitude to other males and females – gets along with all the dogs. The conflict was not noticed. Smart dog.

13. Attitude to cats – Unknown. Prefer family without kids.

14. Attitude to other animals – unknown.

15. As goes on a leash – to a leash is accustomed. Does not pull, adjusts to the rhythm of man.

16. Does any team know: clearly does not know the team.

17. How to ride in the car: unknown.

18. Whether it is possible to stay at home alone – unknown. Dog lives in the shelter, so it takes time to get used. Please have patience!

19. Toilet – dog lives in the shelter. Goes outside only when her volunteer comes to visit her. Need time to get used.

20. Toys – likes to run. To toys indifferent.

21. Wishes by owners – will perfectly fit in family as leading active way of life, and in a family of more measured rhythm of a life. Suitable for families with children. Can be considered a second dog in the family.

22. Wishes in the place of residence – all variants of accommodation are considered.