Mishka (Mozart)Mishka/Mozart doet enorm zijn best…
Hij is nog steeds bang om achter te blijven. Bij de deur wacht hij tot ik meeloop, kwispelt dan blij en springt opgelucht tegen mij op. Al ben ik even weg, dan staat hij verwachtingsvol achter de deur te trappelen Weglopen? Buiten weet hij niet hoe hij mij in de gaten moet houden…stel je voor dat…

s’Nachts slaapt hij naast mijn bed. Dan voel ik midden in de nacht een koude neus … even ruiken of je er nog bent … een bevestigende aai is genoeg. Met zijn kop op mijn schoot, terwijl ik achter zijn oren kriebel, worden zijn ogen “open” en bijna dromerig
Toch heeft hij nog vaak “oude” ogen, ogen die veel hebben gezien en meegemaakt. Inmiddels acht jaar oud, dat cijfer je niet weg.
Je mag blijven Mishka, je gaat mij wel vertrouwen.

Mishka (Mozart)

Mozart is like a teddy bear, he is about 7-8 years old. Pretty big dog with a big clever head and funny ears. Weight – 35 kg, chest girth – 76, neck circumference – 46, size at the withers – 63
He is healthy, vaccinated, neutered. Mozart was found on a cold winter evening in one of the Moscow parks. Someone had left him leashed to a tree, shivered with cold and fear and whined quietly. He smelled very bad and was in a terrible collar. The former owners obviously did not take care of him. In any case, no one addressed us about him when we were searching for his former family. Now the dog has stayed on a foster for six months already. Unfortunately, in Russia his chances to be adopted are extremely small: we gave ads on different sites, including – for a fee, went to exhibitions (where by the way, he was a favorite of all children). But, unfortunately, not a single one who wanted to take him home was found.

He likes to eat meat with porridge. Crazy with treats.
He is in full bloom and can not be said that he is too calm. Nevertheless, he cannot be called very active or, especially, obsessive. Rather, something average: on walks can actively run and play with other dogs. At home, calmly wait for attention from the owners.
Mozart loves people! And most of all – his master, whom he will always keep in focus, faithfully look into his eyes, cuddle and sleep next to him, if they permit, of course. He loves children. He treats children well and often comes across them, including babies. But he never lived with very young children. So we reccomend him to a family with children older 10 years.

With dogs he can protect himself if they attack him. But never gets into a fight as the first one. But he will not give himself to be offended. Now he lives in the house with ten dogs.
Attitude to cats – It’s normal after they get acquainted with him. First time you must be watched. He chases other cats, but does not touch his house cats (see photo). Now he lives in a house with cats.
Relation to other animals – Does not react to birds, rats and other animals – runs by without paying any attention.
Quietly walks on a leash Yes, he knows the command “sit”
Excellent travels in the car: sitting, or lying, quietly in the backseat.
Does not spoil furniture when stays at home.
Accustomed to walking twice a day
By the mood he can play with toys or with a stick.