This cat named Michelle

Little plump Mishelka wants to wallow in the same way but on his personal sofa))) Young Siberian cat with a French name is very fluffy, affectionate, purr and calm like a boa constrictor)

Do you have a spare bed? Then we go to you!

This cat was taken from Kaluga in autumn 2013, when the local zoo-defenders found a mini-shelter, which for some reason became unnecessary to the owners. And in cold and rainy weather about 10 cats and several dogs remained almost alone in locked cages. They were fed occasionally and whatever came to, in some cells there were not even bowls with water. Several cats sat in one cell and, when they saw a man, threw themselves to the lattice with a loud mewing. One of these poor creatures was Michelle.

Animals were taken out, fattened, led to the normal state. Some of them have already found their home. Now Michelle is waiting for her master, who will always find for her bowl of food, a warm place, and most importantly – love and affection.

Michelle is 1.5 year old, with excellent health, all vaccinations done, the exam on toilet in a tray is passed, it will have no offspring guaranteed (cat is neutered ), she has positive attitude towards children, dogs and other cats.