De meisjes vinden het heerlijk. Rennen, dollen, spelen, zwemmen en dan in het warme zonnetje opdrogen. Life is good…

Per 25 mei is Mia in Nederland (omgeving Eindhoven). Wat een lieve bescheiden rushond. In huis is ze rustig. Komt vaker even langs voor een aai- en kroelsessie. Tijdens het wandelen loopt ze perfect aan de lijn. In het omheind losloopgebied blijft ze in de buurt. Mia slaapt altijd los in huis, ze gedraagt zich keurig, sloopt niks. Is compleet zindelijk.

Binnenkort gaan we met Mia de stad in, terrasje pakken, met de lift, door een winkelcentrum wandelen etc. Daar komt binnenkort een verslagje van.

Houding tov volwassenen: Mia is een uitermate slimme dame; ze kent al diverse commando’s maar soms neemt ze daar een loopje mee – gewoon een hond met humor! Een leuke rustige gezinshond.

Houding tov andere honden: Met andere honden gaat perfect. Ze kan goed met andere honden; in het foster gezin is o.a. een dominant teefje en dit gaat perfect.

Houding tov katten: Katten is geen enkel probleem.

Kan alleen zijn: Mia kan alleen thuis blijven met de aantekening dat er altijd wel een hond of kat om haar heen is.

Autorijden: perfect.

1. This young dog named Miya. Miya lives at foster place with other pets (cats and dogs)

2. Year of birth 2016 year.

3. Appearance – mix of stay dogs. Wool average. Color: Black with white inserts on the paws.

4. Weight is 23 kg/ height is 60 cm /73 cm long

5. Health – healthy. Vaccinated. Chipped.

6. Castration/sterilization: sterilized.

7. History of the Dog

Mia lived on industrial in Moscow. On a place to dogs there was a different attitude, someone fed and stroked, and someone beat and poisoning. Miya in this respect was lucky, she was a favorite of the railroad workers, she was fed, and at night it was run in trailer. Affectionate and gentle “sucking” placed people, it was well treated by all the workers of the station, and she skillfully used it. Knowing his “special position” the dog was more time with people, she conscientiously large flocks dogs and in most cases did not participate in the “active life of stray inhabitants of industrial”.

The volunteer met with Mia in the winter 2016, when they fed all the dogs, the “young lady” stood aside and waited for her to approach her personally. She did not butt into the midst of hungry dogs, but at the same time she tried to remind me of her distance. Loudly barking, she called a friend, reminding that she is here and also not averse to feast.

In winter, most of the dogs were caught and taken first to quarantine in vet clinic, and then to the shelter. In the shelter Miya was in an enclosure with teenagers puppies, where she held a neutral position, in fights and disassembly did not butt, dominate and “swing the rights” did not try. All noted that the “young lady”-docile, a kind character, “girl” was more interested in communicating with a person than with dogs.

In the spring 2017 the situation in the shelter changed for the worse, the volunteer was stopped from being allowed into the shelter and during 2 months there was no access to the animals. As soon as the first opportunity appeared, the volunteer arrived and took Mia and other wards. All the animals were not fed for a few weeks, Mia was severely depleted, but she did not cease to rejoice that she was taken from the “hell”. In the car she barked loudly, it was visible that the animal understood and sincerely rejoiced to a friend.

Since the beginning of summer 2017 Miya and “her friends in misfortune” moved to another shelter. Mia lived in a separate enclosure for six months. Employees of the shelter immediately noted the good temper of the dog and soon it became a universal favorite. The dog came to herself and recovered faster than anyone, actively rejoiced when she was paid attention.

Recently, a volunteer brought Mia to her home. She quickly learned all the rules that are in the house. She quietly lives in a cage, but with great joy gets on the couch when she is released. She really likes to lie along with master dogs and she apparently is not averse there and stay. With great joy runs to walk, rejoices, sports, with strangers in the first minutes of cautious, closer to the volunteer, “baby” realizes that it is protected. A little accustomed Mia freely goes on a leash with everyone, quietly taking the situation.

Coquette Mia – is a great smart, very smart and capable “young lady”. Very obedient, natured, well-trained teams. Already mastered the teams “sit”, “Swing!”, not much “near” and “lie” (In Russian). The place command runs the first time, but sometimes, Miya can “turn on the back” and pretend she doesn’t understand what she wants. Can be played, but a strict tone – and Mia obediently goes to the place. She understands that the “main” should be obeyed. According to the behavior of the dog can be seen that she wants to become home, she really wants her family, her home. It is evident that she understands everything, waits and believes that soon there will be “magic changes” in her life.

8. Nutrition-allergies are not revealed. Eats dry feed/canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character-cheerful, playful, joyful, kind.

10. Attitude to adults – with strangers at the first acquaintance is wary, presses ears and tail, pressed to the volunteer, anxiety quickly passes, if it pat several times and talk. With familiar people behaves absolutely friendly, caressing, rejoices.

11. Attitudes towards children – in a family with children over 10 years old, but when communicating with young children comes to contact.

12. Attitude to other males and females – the first minutes can be frightened, but the contact will go with both females and males. With familiar dogs can safely run on the same territory.

13. Attitude to cats – good, loves, interesting.

14. Attitude to other animals – unknown.

15. As goes on a leash – to a leash is accustomed, goes normally.

16. Does any team know: – simple commands in Russian. If you have time – teach her! She gets everything very quickly

17. How to ride in the car: good! fun!

18. Whether it is possible to stay at home alone – unknown because at foster place stays with other pets

19. Toilet – 2-3 times per day.

20. Toys – likes to walk, from a man far away. To toys indifferent.

21. Wishes by – able to be the 2nd dog with a male, and with a female, non-conflict. In the apartment of a volunteer lived with 9 dogs and males and females, with all friends.

22. Wishes on a place of residence – All variants of accommodation are considered, but it is desirable to an apartment or a country house in the family which will love and deal with it.