De vrijwilligers uit Rusland zijn erg dankbaar voor de adopties en zijn natuurlijk erg blij met alle updates uit Nederland waarin ‘hun’ dieren in de nieuwe thuis en omgeving te zien zijn.

Het zou geweldig zijn om de Russische vrijwilligers het resultaat van hun vele werk te laten zien.

Wij willen u vragen alstublieft foto’s of video’s te mailen naar om de vrijwilligers uit Rusland hun gelukkige rushonden te laten zien. Alvast enorm veel dank.
Voor ons teamwerk is dit heel erg belangrijk.

I.v.m. uw privacy kunnen we u onherkenbaar in beeld brengen en/of video’s en foto’s bijsnijden. Vermeld het er dan even bij aub.

Marisha is easy-going, she is friendly absolutely to everyone. In a
foster family she lives with cats and dogs, and there is a 12-year-old girl in the family. She walks on a leash well. She is social. Very human-oriented.

Marisha has no car sickness at all. She is allowed to sleep on a mattress, but in the loving family she wants to be closer to humans and probably wants to lie besides you, I guess.

She eats natural food (likes meat, chicken, cottage cheese a lot) and professional dog food.

Marisha can stay at home alone, still with other animals, but without people. She likes massage. She has a beautiful face, bright eyes, her nose is a little snubby. Such a sweet and attractive dog.

Marisha could be adopted by a family of any age, but better more aged, living in a separate house in the country. I wish Marisha to become finally a beloved dog – like others, she deserves earthly dog happiness. She is a quiet, serious, humble and easy dog.
She is a great companion. Will be very thankful and devoted.

Her history:
Marisha, 5-7 years old (we don’t know exactly her age), born in 2013
at a guess. Shoulder height 50 cm, weight about 20 kg. Marisha is
treated against all external and endoparasites, vaccinated, neutered
and chipped. We found her by chance, when we took Tykovka (adopted in the NL) with her kids from the street. I was about to take Marisha then too, but there was a small cautious dog boy with her, and I couldn’t leave him there alone. But later we asked the locals to look after that dog, as it’s so far away, takes us 3 hours to get to that place by car. But people didn’t keep their promise and told us about the dog when she already had puppies.

We took Marisha too late, but couldn’t help her puppies except one
daughter. And Marisha, again pregnant, came to us again. We had to
neuter her immediately. She has had enough, surviving in the street…We understood, first she was kept on a chain at the farm, later let go.