Wow, this is just the most wonderful dog… 😍 thursday I took Malika to my work. Our season’s ending, we had two days of instructors competition, fun, games and party. I didn’t plan on staying the full two days but she did so well! We both enjoyed it so much. She played with the other dogs, relaxed within a couple of hours, behaved perfectly amongst the people, cuddles with them but always keeps me in sight <3 . Everyone loved her. She slept next to me on a mattress on the floor, it was so sweet!

She is also quite smart, there’s still a lot to learn off course but we’ve been teaching her a couple of commands and she already gets the hang of it. She walks on the leash perfectly (at my foot). She doesn’t care for balls or toys, but she loves to run next to the bike! I think I will teach her sleigh dog’s commands later on 😁 Can’t believe this dog has been here for only a week. ❤️❤️

Malika is net zoals veel andere honden gevonden op straat, vermoedelijk als voormalige huishond. Ze is ontzettend sociaal met mensen, maakt makkelijk contact en hecht zich snel.
Ondanks haar stoere en soms ernstige blik is Malika gewoon een vrolijke, speelse en actieve jongedame.

Houding tov volwassenen: Goed. Bij het uitlaten trekt ze eerst wat aan de lijn, omdat ze zo graag lekker naar buiten wil, maar komt al snel tot rust. Ze rent altijd terug als ze een sprintje trekt, omdat ze de weg niet wil kwijtraken.
Ze kent enkele commando’s zoals ‘kom hier’ en ‘niet doen’.

Houding tov kinderen: vanaf 7 jaar oud. Ze geeft kleine kinderen kusjes en is in graag in hun gezelschap.

Houding tov andere honden: Rent enthousiast op iedere hond af, reu of teef, groot of klein, ze gaat met iedereen goed om.

Houding tov katten: Onbekend. Ze vindt het geinig om achter vogels aan te rennen.

Kan alleen zijn: Alleen zijn vindt ze nog een beetje spannend. Met een andere hond samen vindt ze het prettiger.

Nu wordt ze 4 keer per dag uitlaten, maar kan ook zelf aangeven als ze haar behoefte moet doen.

Gezondheid: Malika is gevaccineerd, gesteriliseerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

This dog named Malika
Year of birth – 2015 November
Appearance – brown
Weight around 23 kg
Height around 57 cm.
Clinically healthy. Vaccinated. Chipped. Sterilized.
History of the dog. Was found on the street. It seems on her past she is a domestic pet. Very much close to people and opend to them.
Food – eats everything: dry food, porridge with meat, yummy.
Сharacter – active, walks without a leash, can run a short distance, but always runs back, afraid to get lost.

Attitude towards adults – opened to people, immediately goes to contact
Attitude towards children – the attitude is good, she was checked with small children (from 1 year old), absolutely good, likes to kisses them and be in their company
Attitude to other males and females – friendly relations with all dogs, at the sight of dogs runs acquainted regardless of the size of the dog and to large and small.
Attitude to cats – is unknown.
Relation to other animals – runs after birds for fun
As she walks on a leash – she pulls a little on the leash in the begining, after calm down and goes good.
Does any team know – knows the team come to me, fuuuu (means firbidden)
How to ride in a car – good
Can I stay at home alone – a little bit worried, needs a partner, co-friend to feel comfortable
Toilet – now goes for a walk 4 times, but she shows she wants to outside
Toys – like to play, on the street running alone or with other dogs, frolic.
Wishes for the owners – suitable for any family, the second dog in the family, in the family with children, without children, with other animals, young, energetic people, but perhaps at an age.
Wishes at the place of residence – in a house, on a farm with a large range.