Lucy 2

Nieuwe naam:
Geadopteerd: 22-07-2020
Naam: Lucy 2
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 2019
Schofthoogte: 45 cm
Gewicht: 14 kg
Ras: kruising
Gesteriliseerd: ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: goed
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

Update Lucy!

Vorige week postte ik dat onze liefste Lucy door onze deur was gegaan, waardoor haar pezen in haar pootje over waren.

Nu een week verder doet ze het prima. Zoekt onze dochter nu nog meer op en heeft dankzij tips die ik van enkele kreeg toch al de volle 2 uurtjes alleen thuis geweest zonder brokken. Uit enthousiasme wel klein plasje gemaakt toen iemand binnen kwam, maar da’s snel opgekuist!

Volgende week mogen de draadjes er waarschijnlijk uit, maar dan moet ze nog wel een week of vier verband aan haar pootje.

Wij hebben het echt getroffen met haar. Ze maakt ons werkelijk compleet! Kan niet wachten tot ze weer kan wandelen, beetje quality time met men meisje!

Lucy, a female puppy about 6,5 months old (approximate date of birth in the middle of August 2019). Height 43-45 cm, weight about 13-14 kg. Vaccinated, chipped, neutered, treated for all parasites. Absolutely healthy. Walks well on a leash. Lucy has this unusual and charming appearance. White tender belly, nice spots on her paws and three coloured muzzle with loving puppy eyes.

Lucy is very human oriented and especially loving and gentle with kids, maybe due to the fact that she herself is still a baby. Lucy’s story, as those of many dogs, is common and sad. Late autumn a box with five tiny puppies was left at a bus stop. As it turned out later there were two boys and three girls. Little ones were absolutely helpless, had nowhere to go, did not realise all the dangers they could face and did not move from the spot where they were left. During the very first day two boys decided to play on the road and were run over by a truck…

After having witnessed such a tragedy and being afraid for the future of the puppies, locals decided to build a warm house for three sisters before winter came. Some people were visiting the little ones for some time, brought them food and even toys. But it did not last long as there were also those against the dogs living close to a block of flats. One day Lucy’s two sisters were poisoned by dog hunters. And Lucy herself disappeared. Once cold day in February when we were walking our dogs we came across Lucy quite by chance. She was shivering in the snow and at first we did not realise that it was She. I picked her up and she showed no resistance or fear, she did not seem to care about what was going to happen with her as she was so cold, weak and content with her fate.

What happened next? She got warm in a bathroom, ate and fell asleep. During the first days she was only eating and sleeping and did not have any desire or energy to play with other pets. At the same time she was waiting patiently for a walk and as of the second day was excellent walking on a leash. Lucy also started to open up showing her wonderful character. She turned out to be gentle and loving, she enjoys playing with other dogs and cats, also kids, and likes toys and sticks. Lucy likes to sleep on the floor in her bed and does not mind the sofa. This positive and smart dog will bring happiness and joy to any house.

Lucy lives in a foster family and gets along well with four dogs and four cats. She eats natural food, porridge with meat, dairy products and occasionally gets dry and canned industrial food. Lucy does not get sick while riding a car. Lucy got used to walking 3 times a day as she is still a puppy and has no problem with waiting for a
walk. Lucy will be fine with living in both, an apartment or a house
with a garden. She loves long walks in a park or a forest.