Kisa heeft bij ons haar mand gevonden. Ze is heel lief en heel gehoorzaam, speelt graag met het balletje, en loopt voortdurend onze zoon achterna als die even vertrekt…

We zijn heel blij met haar, hopelijk zij ook met ons, en we danken jullie hartelijk voor jullie bemiddeling en hulp!

1. This fluffy dog named Kisa
2. The year of birth is approximately 2015 year
3. Appearance – half-breed. The coat is long. Reddish-gray with white marks. Very similar to a collie fur
4. Weight is 25 kg, Height is 60 cm
5. Health: when the doctor is examined nothing is revealed, the only one is a bit lame on the front paw, but not always, presumably bruised (not needed to be operated)
6. Castration / Sterilization: sterilized. Vaccinated. Chipped.
7. History of the dog
Kisa was found in the above-ground passage, how it got there, no one knows (most likely, dropped off at the stop, next to this crossing). Not indifferent people put her a warm blanket, but the next day it was stolen. She did not go anywhere, she lay and waited for the owner to come back, remember about her and take her to a warm and such home. A few days passed, but the owner never returned. After the story of the neighbor, we went for her, found lying in the same place, she was very afraid to leave, still hoping that they would come for her. Persuasion did not help, only next to the 9 – year – old child felt calm, went with him to the car, but still was afraid to sit down in it, ran away back into the transition, had to carry her into the car in her arms. At home, we inspected her, a young girl, well-groomed (ears clean, claws trimmed, she had a collar of ticks, perhaps there was still a normal collar, there was a trace). The general impression, the girl is a former home, hastily, what has happened to her remains a mystery. But, no one is looking for her. The house quickly adapted, knows what a place (and like that it was higher, with pleasure and on the sofa), loves to walk, accustomed to dry food. She knows what toys are, she plays with pleasure.
8. Nutrition: allergies are not identified. Eats dry food. Loves dog treats.
9. Character – the general temperament: calm, balanced. A little timid, unobtrusive, if you do not want to, perform any team, just lies down. Quickly attached to a person. Good dog. Easy dog.
10. Attitude towards adults: with strangers at first acquaintance is timid, but still goes to get acquainted, quickly calms down. With familiar people is friendly and affectionate. In general, she is human-oriented. Obedient, she does not try to escape, I would even say: she is afraid of getting lost.
11. Attitudes towards children: children, she loves them all, checked by a child’s birthday, with a large number of children from 6 to 18. They did not communicate with very young people, but it seems to me that she trusts children more and can not offend them.
12. Attitude to other males and females: in our home, at the moment, 5 dogs and big and small, and males and females, get along with everyone if big dogs bother can snarl, but no more, on the attacks of small people does not answer . If they want to play with her, she is always happy to join and play
13. Attitude to cats: It shows interest to cats, apparently they do not know her, but it’s not critical, after hearing the command, quickly calms down, does not try to kill, rather play, in general, we isolate nobody from anyone.
14. Relation to other animals – is unknown.
15. As she walks on a leash: she is accustomed to the leash, but without a leash it is more comfortable, at first tries, as always, to fall, then resigns (it is rather a fear that they will again lead and abandon)
16. Does any team know: she knows the place, walks, I mostly talk to them, she tries to understand more intuitively. Commands in Russian.
17. How to ride in the car: good.
18. Can she stay at home alone – yes, she is able to stay alone
19. Toilet – accustomed to two – three times per day. Tolilet outside.
20. Toys – Towards toys indifferent. But ready to play if you teach her
21. Wishes for owners – suitable for any family
22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options for living are considered.