Nieuwe naam: Asya
Geadopteerd: 11-09-2021
Naam: Keysi
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 2016
Schofthoogte: 55 cm
Gewicht: 20 kg
Ras: kruising
Gesteriliseerd: Ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: goed
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

De vrijwilligers uit Rusland zijn erg dankbaar voor de adopties en zijn natuurlijk erg blij met alle updates uit Nederland waarin ‘hun’ dieren in de nieuwe thuis en omgeving te zien zijn.

Het zou geweldig zijn om de Russische vrijwilligers het resultaat van hun vele werk te laten zien.

Wij willen u vragen alstublieft foto’s of video’s te mailen naar om de vrijwilligers uit Rusland hun gelukkige rushonden te laten zien.

Alvast enorm veel dank. Voor ons teamwerk is dit heel erg belangrijk.

Calm, kind and submissive! She loves affection, hugging, kissing, listening when they talk to her. She asks to be pet with her paw! Calmly remains at home alone, does not spoil anything and endures perfectly! Very social! She behaves gently with children, with other animals she is also careful, not aggressive at all. Friends with cats! A chic option for a family! Likes to rest in its place, quiet, very rarely barks! Toys are only sometimes interesting, she likes treats or just attention! And walks, of course! She feels great when traveling, she jumps into the car and is happy! Perfectly walks on a leash !!! Suitable for seniors too! It is guaranteed to be an intelligent and obedient dog. Completed a course with a dog handler on obedience and walking in urban settings. Adapted to the rhythm of life of the person with whom she lives, completely obeys the given regime! Will walk when it is convenient for the owner! Just a ready-made version! At the moment, she lives on overexposure with a cat and a dog in older people, they praise her very much! Health: Completely healthy. Coat length – medium smooth coat Color – black-red Her story: Was found on the street abandoned at the age of two with two puppies (most likely she had a house). Was taken out by local volunteers. And then she waited for her man for a long time, overexposure at the time of the search for a house was of an aviary type where she spent 3.5 years and the former curator could not cope. Then we already connected, took us to supervise and immediately home, taught everything, socialized. It turned out to be a dog GOLD. It’s wonderful with everyone, the car and travel with a bang, the leash and walks are just super happiness for her!