Nieuwe naam:
Geadopteerd: 30-01-2021
Naam: Emmy
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 2019
Schofthoogte: 39 cm
Gewicht: 12 kg
Ras: kruising
Gesteriliseerd: Ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: vanaf 10 jaar
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: onbekend
MAART 2021

Even een succes berichtje. 31 januari hebben we lieve Emmy op mogen halen. Alert en angstig was ze in het begin maar dat verdween heel snel, al na een week of twee. Ze is zo lief en voelt zich zo thuis. Precies voelt Emmy aan wanneer ze nodig is ivm spanningen of verdriet. Maar ook wanneer er vrolijkheid en blijdschap is. Altijd zoekt ze ons gezelschap op, desnoods op schoot. Emmy is een hond met een gouden hartje. Wat zijn we blij en gelukkig met haar. Nogmaals dank voor alles!!!! 

Emmy — is a nice miniature dog with cute black and pale yellow colour. She has short and soft wool and very funny bloomers on paws. Emmy is rather young — she is over a year (we think she was born at october 2019).

We do not know anything about Emmy’s past. One day she just appeared from nowhere in a suburban village. Kind inhabitants let her in and feed her when they come to their stead on weekends. The rest of the time she roamed at the village looking for food and sometimes came at the highway. Local volunteer has seen her and decided to catch her. Volunteer — a kind woman, who helps homeless animals was very affected by this dog and then started to feed the dog. Sometimes the volunteer came alone, sometimes she came with her mother and gradually the dog starts to trust then. Later with help of a professional dog catcher they catch Emmy — that’s the way how Emmy starts to live in new foster home. There was a lot of neighbours in new home — 6 dogs and 8 cats. At first Emmy was a little scared, but she has get comfortable rather fast. She has made friends with other animals and now she plays with all of them at any suitable moment.

But Emmy is not only a daredevil. She knows stop commands and understands what is allowed and what is not. She tries to be a good girl. Emmy often was hungry in her childhood, so she is not picky in food and she eats with pleasure both dry food or canned food. She likes treats very much. No allergies have been identified. Emmy has an easy character, she is open for friends, curious and very sociable. With a stranger she may be prudent at first time, but she can quickly make contact and find common language. In some cases she may get scared of little children.

She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She walks well on leash. Knows basic commands. Emmy did not yet rides in car, but we think she will not afraid of it. Emmy lives in home, With sufficient duration and activity of walks, she will stay at home without problems. She always tries to endure before walking. Both a private house and an apartment will suit Emmy. She can be a single or in company of other dogs or cats. Best for active family without small children.