Het gaat heel goed met Ema. Buiten gaat het ook steeds beter, alles is natuurlijk nieuw voor haar. Ze is nieuwsgierig,  niet echt bang maar wat onzeker. Ze vindt haar mand heerlijk, dat is echt haar plekje.

Ema’s leven is tot nu toe niet over rozen gegaan. Ze is geboren op een industrieterrein in Moskou. Net als de andere puppies afhankelijk van wat afval en met een beetje geluk moedermelk als moeder zich liet zien. Gelukkig kwam er een op een gegeven moment een ‘suikertante’ in beeld die de kleintjes te eten gaf. Ze raakten hier al snel aan gewend en kwamen elke dag op hetzelfde tijdstip aanrennen. De moederhond zag dat het goed was en is vertrokken.

Een vrijwilligster heeft de puppies naar een dierenarts gebracht, waar ze ongeveer zes weken zijn geweest. Hierna zijn ze in een kleinschalig asiel ondergebracht waar ze het goed hadden. Maar dit duurde niet lang; op een gegeven moment mochten de vrijwilligers de honden niet meer bezoeken en na verloop van tijd bleken ze in een groter asiel te zijn geplaatst. Na lang zoeken is Ema gevonden: sterk vermagerd en gewond. De vrijwilligster heeft haar direct naar een veilige plek gebracht. Binnenkort gaat ze bij de vrijwilligster in huis wonen. Daar kan ze de basisvaardigheden leren om echt een huishond te zijn.

Houding tov volwassenen: Tegenover onbekenden is zij alert; oortjes naar achteren en gaat liggen. Na geruststellende woorden is zij snel ontdooit. Naar bekenden is ze een en al aandacht en aanhankelijkheid.

Houding tov kinderen: Goed met kinderen ouder dan 10 jaar.

Houding tov andere honden: Teefjes hebben haar voorkeur; vreemde reutjes gaat ze liever uit de weg. Ze is conflict vermijdend. Ema kan heel goed als tweede hond worden geplaatst.

Houding tov katten: Onbekend

Autorijden: In het begin wat nerveus, maar op lange ritten kijkt ze naar buiten; je hoort haar niet.

Gezondheid: Ema is gevaccineerd, gesteriliseerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: Geen voorkeur

Voorkeur adoptanten: Een gezin met wat oudere kinderen of mensen die dingen met haar willen ondernemen. Het belangrijkste is dat Ema liefde en aandacht krijgt.

This young beauty named Ema (or Emma). Tender sunshine.

2. Year of birth is approximately: January 16, 2016

3. Appearance – half-breed. The coat is short. Color: red with black patterns.

4. Weight is approximately 20 kg, the size at the withers: 54 cm / 53cm length

5. Health – externally healthy, quarantined within 1.5 months after catching from the industrial zone, vaccinated.

6. Castration / Sterilization: sterilized. chipped.

7. The history of the dog
Ema….. was born in the industrial zone in Moscow. Puppies ran in winter among pipes, stoves and fittings, sometimes they were left with scraps left by the builders living in the neighborhood, sometimes their mother brought something, but before getting to know the volunteer life was quite hungry. Then a kind “aunt” appeared, which every day brought hot food and Ema’s life began to change. Puppies quickly got used to the fact that every day they will be fed, their mother began to leave, permanently leaving some. The “crumbs” staggered all over the territory, but by the appointed hour everyone was gathering and waiting for “food to pass away.” Ema initially was distinguished by tenderness and trepidation, approached the volunteer, rejoiced when she was fed and very much wanted attention. Always squeezed the first, once again to pat her.

In the spring of all the puppies the volunteer took away from the industrial zone and decided to leave on quarantine in the vet clinic. In the room, the puppies lived about 1.5 months, after which by the summer of all the puppies were transported to the shelter, where the volunteer built a nice aviary with paths and booths. There everyone was fun, the puppies were not only in sight, but “kind aunt” often visited them, brought toys, often played with them. In general, everything was good in Ema’s life.

Closer to winter, the situation in the shelter changed dramatically. Volunteers were no longer allowed to go to the animals, and Ema was transplanted into an enclosure with older dogs. What happened to the dog is not known for certain, but when the volunteer received it back – the dog was a quiet horror. The unfortunate animal was severely malnourished, the ribs and inguinal region said that she had not eaten for several weeks. Part of the ear was not, on the head was a huge, about 20cm overgrown wound. The trembling dog did not even recognize her friend at once, and only in the car, having relaxed, was described with joy that the good “aunt” was again with her, that she had not forgotten her, and took it.

Ema was placed on temporary shelter, where she had to sit in a cage for a while. This was necessary in order that all wounds healed and the dog regained consciousness. She was eating off, her wounds healed. Unfortunately, nervous and frightened behavior, fear of a big man and boots, has remained until now.

Over the summer, the dog changed a few more places of residence, for various reasons, it was not possible to find a good place. At the moment, Ema lives in a zoo hotel, in a street cage with a friend Oscar. Together they walk on leashes, play in an aviary, next to them are good people who are very sensitive to the dog, which has suffered many tests.

Slowly Ema begins to get used to and calms down, she is not happy with the commands, but a month later the volunteer plans to take her to her apartment, where the “young lady” will learn the rules of residence and the main types of teams. People caring for Ema, with great tenderness, speak of her accommodating nature. She listens to the person, quietly and gently gives the paw when pressed. Ema is very happy, ask for pens, and long, long to be ironed. Very pleased with the attention paid to her.

When you look this dog in the eyes, it is impossible not to see sadness and loneliness. With personal communication, it is impossible not to notice the desire to please and please the person, apparently Ema very much wants to find her home and her master. Look into Ema’s eyes and you will understand everything yourself.

Somewhere in the world there must necessarily be that very special person who can give the dog faith in a good life and faith in a person.

8. Nutrition – allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – general temperament – timid, but ready to communicate, not very much self-confident, need care and love

10. Attitude towards adults – with strangers on first contact is alerted, presses his ears and cuddles to the floor, anxiety goes away quickly if her pat several times and talk. With familiar people behaves absolutely friendly, caresses.

11. Attitude towards children – in a family with children older than 10 years.

12. Attitude towards other males and females – to unfamiliar males she will not get acquainted, she will sit on the side, with females – get acquainted and go away. Herself will not attack, during the attack will obey, in the general fight does not go. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory.

13. Attitude towards cats – unknown, but will treat well. In the apartment of a volunteer there is a fighting cat, does not give a descent to more than one dog.

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed, but does not pull much. In a calm environment – she obediently walks a bit ahead of the person.

16. Does any team know: not yet, but it will be teach to the main types of teams.

17. How he drives in the car: a little scared, but with a long trip peeks out the window and is interested in places. Silent, no sound!

18. Can he stay at home alone – unknown yet, but we plan to check!

19. The toilet – accustomed 3 times per day

20. Toys – likes to walk, but when pulled or the team comes to the person. Towards toys indifferent.

21. Wishes for owners – is able to become the 2nd dog with male/female, not conflicting. The children are calm, you can pat it, but there was no special experience in communication.