JULI 2016

So tired… walking at the beach. Wat is het toch genieten.

Let me introduce!

Aladdin – half-breed shepherd dogs, 50 cm height, neutered, around three years.

Aladdin has lost his home for unknown reason.

The boy has beauty and perfect proportions, and become that attracts the eye; Character, which becomes cloudy day – sunny day, because a number of other!

A friend with a capital letter! Do not ever lose your head, Aladdin gladly follow his man anywhere!

Kind, open, curious and playful – Aladdin sees with the warmth of everyone meets: peaceable with fluffy brothers and needless people.

Docile, grateful for the kindness and attention to each.

Aladdin remains optimistic even in hard orphanage conditions, because he believes that will soon be a person who looks at it

The One sees that Aladdinis a sunny and stunning, one who will not throw in fact under any circumstances, only to find that, who is like him: the good, noble and open! Travel and sweet dream home under the TV, to be worn in the woods for his wand, but only to carry her to him, his Only man! And then home to eat. And to know that Aladdin is now no longer alone!

Aladdin dreams that his friend quickly come!

Adopt and get a good friend!

About Aladdin

He is not barking at any strangers

He adores people in general

He loves every one

When somebody comes to the shelter – he is the first one he meets people and very friendly with them without any bad habits and he is 1000% not a guard dog; absolutely does not have this quantities

about cats; i spoke to his volunteer; she says that he is so normal and adequate so it should not be any problems with him and cats

but i think it also depends on cats and their behavior