Geadopteerd: 14-09-2012

We are very happy with Abrikos. At first he was very nervous but after one day he calmed down. Now he is a very relaxed dog. In the beginning he was also afraid of cars and noises outside but he gets used to those noises.
It is lovely to walk with him because he don’t pull on the leashe so we walk very often. He is quiet and very kind to all of us. Also the children love Abrikos very much because he is so funny to see and he has alvery soft skin. He want to be with us all the time.

So thank you for your care to him and good luck with your work by martin. I hope you will enjoy the foto’s.

Abrikos is half-breed terrier, he is only 3-4 years, 50 cm at the withers, neutered. Abrikos very handsome, his fur is slightly curly delicate color-color apricot. Unfortunately the little boy is blind – his life is totally dependent from people kindness, care and love. Abrikos affectionate, gentle, kind, obedient, pin gets on well with other animals and cats and dogs. Treat your love to Abrikos and care and he will love you with all his heart. We are looking for our boy only the best, the kindest, most loving and most responsible owners.