Walter was brought in a temporary house by a woman who was crying, and told the story of his life.

Walter is from the family of outdoor cats. Quite small he was taken into the house the elderly lonely woman. She loved Walter, he was her only close native creature. Several years passed. One day the old woman fell ill and realized that will not live very long. With tears in her eyes she carried a cat on the street and put him on the bench at the entrance. Said bye bye, and forgive me, grandson, but if I die, you will be alone in an empty apartment. Here you will have at least some chance to survive”.

For some time, until she could move, the woman went to feed Walter. He was still sitting on the same bench. Then she died, and the cat stayed in the same place…

One of the neighbors told all this to the volunteer, and for Walter was found temporary home.

For a long time cat showed no interest in life, but gradually he began to thaw out and rebound. Now Walter is healthy cat about 4 years old, neutered, vaccinated, he has vet passport and chip. He is very affectionate and calm cat, devoted to human like a dog. Walter loves children, is well behaved in the car, he gets on well with any other animals.

Walter is very large cat, crossbreed Maine Coon (with the characteristic lion muzzle and brushes on the ears), now he eats low fat cat food. He loves people so much and becomes so attached to them that he is ready to spend together to 24 hours a day, he loves sleeping close to the hosts.

Pay attention to Walter, appreciate his devotion and give him a new home – he had already suffered so much in this life, he deserves his feline happiness!