MAART 2018

UmaUma’s fostermum: “Vandaag is Uma’tje opgehaald. Wat een dubbel gevoel is dat zeg … vijf weekjes heb ik voor haar mogen zorgen en wat een stappen heeft ze in die korte tijd gemaakt! Van een schuchter verlegen meisje is ze uitgegroeid tot een zelfverzekerde prinses. Trots op “mijn” meisje. Dat je daar maar een mooi leven mag krijgen.”

Uma is sinds januari 2018 bij het fostergezin en wat doet ze het goed!

Het fostergezin vertelt:
Uma is een zeer lieve makkelijke hond. Uma is volledig zindelijk, kan al wat Nederlandse commando’s, loopt aan de lange lijn. In huis is ze ontzettend rustig en slaapt veel. Ze is zeer baasgericht.
Autorijden gaat prima.

Buiten is ze heel zelfverzekerd, erg nieuwsgierig en loopt ze lekker mee. Ze heeft een beetje trekneigingen, maar dat is af te leren door consequent te blijven corrigeren. Naar bezoek is ze nieuwsgierig maar wat behoedzaam, zeker naar mannen. Als die haar met rust laten komt ze vanzelf los.
Eigenaardigheden heeft ze niet echt, behalve dat ze zich van de bank laat glijden (zie foto’s).

Ik probeer haar uit te dagen om te spelen maar ze reageert daarop door op haar rug te gaan liggen om gekriebeld te worden. Het is gewoon een luie prinses, haha. Het lijkt alsof ze het spelen niet geleerd heeft. Uma kijkt je dan ook echt aan van “wat doe jij raar.” Spelen met andere honden doet ze ook niet écht, het is een beetje happen naar elkaar en thats it…

Ze is niet waaks in de zin dat ze blaft, wel geeft ze aan als ze wat geks hoort. Een jachtinstinct heeft ze niet of nog niet laten zien.

Uma is een lekkere knuffelhond die niet heel veel actie nodig heeft en het liefst de hele dag bij je ligt of zit (je zou haar bijna een eigen film-account geven). Ideaal voor mensen die dat ook fijn vinden. Uitlaten vindt ze superleuk, maar ze hoeft geen kilometers te lopen.

Uma is met de andere hond des huizes al een paar uurtjes alleen geweest en het enige wat we aantroffen waren twee hele blije eitjes! Wat kan die gekke Uma stuiteren als je thuiskomt.

Voor Uma zoeken we een gezin waar ze genoeg aandacht krijgt. Het is een echte dame; ze kan met katten en honden, maar krijgen deze naar haar idee te veel aandacht, dan kan ze jaloers reageren.

This young red dog named Uma (Beauty Thurman)
Nowadays since the middle of july 2017 Uma lives at dacha (please read our project Dacha)

2. Year of birth is approximately: May 2016.

3. Appearance – mix of stray dogs. The coat is short. Color: white with fawn.

4. Weight is approximately 20 kg height is 54 cm

5. Health: externally healthy, stayed in the vet clinic within 1 month, after catching from the industrial zone. Vaccinated.Chipped.

6. Sterilized.

7. History of the dog
Uma was born and lived in the industrial zone. She lived with her mother, her brother and sister in a box on the street. The workers of the nearest workshops fed the family, everyone wanted to play with the white, fluffy and kind puppies. In general, life was normal, but by the 2nd month the puppies were very sick. Every day it got worse and worse, the chances were getting worse every day. Having learned about this trouble, the volunteer took all the puppies to the in-patient department urgently. Uma was in a serious condition, for several days volunteers and doctors fought for the life of Uma. A young organism that wanted to live, coped with the disease and went on to recover. After 2 months spent in quarantine, Uma got into a shelter. At first she lived in an enclosure with other puppies, but there she was not very good. Therefore, she was transplanted to adolescents who took Uma. True, she sometimes “fell for educational purposes”, but in general, none of the dogs did not offend. Unfortunately, the staff of the shelter treated the dogs “differently,” therefore for the first time the mind often pressed her tail and was strongly clamped, from screams or sudden movements. She was wary of the tall men.

A few months later the volunteer took Uma to her home. At first, the “young lady” did not understand the rules of living in an apartment, and for a long time she got used to the new circumstances of her life. Together with Umka lived 4 more puppies, the “star” quickly got used to it and appointed itself the main instigator of all “kurales” in the apartment. Sometimes the “young lady” allowed herself to lie on the couch, pull off any thing that lay somewhere badly.

Then in the life of the “white beast” changes began. She began to come to the trainer. Training was given quickly and easily, she grasped the information on the fly. Quickly realizing that for good behavior you can get “delicious” Uma became a great clever and novice. The girl is very smart, talented, capable of incredible actions. For example, the “star” can put a bowl in a bowl, Like – do not know, but it’s a fact! She knows how to get out of the cage, so she was nicknamed “Houdini’s dog.” In general, despite the schoolward nature of the young lady, Uma quickly understands what they want from her. The main thing is to agree with her!

Now Uma closes the “summer season” at Dacha. She develops in nature with other dogs, runs and plays. The dog is very cheerful, active, loves children, kisses with everyone who knows. Her fervent character is a teenager’s desire to play enough and jump in, jump and jump. She really wants to frolic! When she plays enough, she will necessarily pass to the owner, always caresses and talks. The attention of a person to her is very important, she knows that the owner is the boss and is in every way ready to “podlizatsya” to a new friend. Mind loves to cuddle, she likes to be stroked, she openly and quickly goes to contact. The girl really needs a house and a family that will take care of her, a family that is ready to give caress and caring to a faithful dog.

8. Nutrition allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Nature – bright, active, fervent, “sublime”.

10. Attitude towards adults – open, sociable, quickly finds an approach to a person, with strangers on first contact is wary, maybe a little The anxiety quickly passes, if you stroke it several times and talk. With familiar people, she behaves absolutely amicably, caresses, rejoices.

11. Attitude towards children – in a family with children older than 10 years.

12. Attitude to other males and bitches – In the first minute may be frightened, but the contact will go with the bitches and with the males. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory. is able to become the 2nd dog with both male\female, not conflicting. In the apartment of the volunteer she lived with 5 dogs and males and bitches, with all the friends.

13. Attitude to cats – good

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As she walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed, walks normally.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Nearby”, “Sit”, “Lie”, “Walk around”. The “Place” command should be repeated several times in Russian

17. How he drives in the car: a little scared, but with a long trip peeks out the window and is interested in places. Silent, no sound!

19. Toilet- suffers for a long time. nowadays 3 times per day

20. Toys – prefer walkings, likes to walk, ready to get acquainted with all passing. She wants to frolic, run, play. Towards toys indifferent.