JULI 2019

Even een berichtje over Thomas, hij is sinds 14 juni bij ons. Hij is helemaal happy en wij ook 😊
Het is een enorme knuffelkont en een heerlijke hond om mee te wandelen. Thomas is gek op tennisballen en stokken. In de tuin ligt dan ook al een hele verzameling. Hij is lief en heeft respect voor onze twee katten. Hij kent al een paar commando’s maar af en toe zit er wat vertraging op de lijn, of zou dat door die kleine oortjes komen… 😉

Wil met alles en iedereen kennismaken: koeien, schaapjes, paarden enzo. Kortom: Thomas is een heerlijk mannetje 🥰

Thomas is a very young male, about 6-7 months old. This is a completely black puppy with short thick hair. Weight- 18 kg, height at withers- 48 cm but as he is still a teenager he will grow up more and he will be of medium size. Thomas is completely healthy, vaccinated, castrated.

In early December 2018 someone left him at a car repair shop in one of the suburbs of Moscow. Although the auto service workers fed him he had to live in a concrete ditch. In any weather and even in frost -25, he hid in this ditch without a roof over his head. Occasionally he was allowed to bask inside the workshop. But every night he remained all alone in this ditch … Fortunately this lifestyle did not affect his health. During the walk he loves to roll in the snow.

Now Thomas lives in a temporary home with six more dogs. He does not conflict with anyone.

Thomas is a very friendly and trusting dog, he loves all people and children very much (he communicated with children of 7 and 10 years old), likes to meet new people, plays with them willingly, gets on well with other dogs. Calm, unobtrusive, obedient, well trained, can play by itself, loves affection. He adores sleeping with a man on the couch. He quickly got assimilated with the routine of the temporary home and did it without any effort. Clean, toilet only on the street 4-5 times a day because of his age. Loves any toys. In the street he plays with other dogs with pleasure, avoids aggressive dogs. Goes well on a leash. He knows the command “sit”, “give a paw”. Behaves perfectly in the car. He did not stay alone in the house, only in a company with other dogs and he did not spoil nothing and was calm during that time. However, he can nibble on shoes, if they are not hidden because he is still a puppy. Attitude towards cats is unknown, but we are looking for an opportunity to check it out. *Update maart 2019: Thomas is goed met katten (zie video)

He eats dry food for puppies, but loves natural food and canned food, eats dog treats with pleasure. No allergies.

Thomas is suitable for any family both in the house and in the apartment, he can be the second dog.