Nieuwe naam: Heyo
Geadopteerd: 21-09-2020
Naam: Theodore
Geslacht: Reu
Geboortejaar: 2019
Schofthoogte: 58 cm
Gewicht: 25 kg
Ras: kruising
Gecastreerd/Gesteriliseerd: ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: goed
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

Hallo, alles ok met Heyo en de 2 dametjes; mijn gezin voelt terug compleet en dat maakt me gelukkig. Heyo is ook al enkele keren naar de les geweest op de K9 academy waar zijn zusjes hem zijn voorgegaan.

De tuin en het bosje achteraan zijn helemaal zijn ding, hij snuffelt rond en amuseert zich. Als ik thuis ben, kan hij naar hartelust buiten/binnen via de hondenklep (dat kende hij al na één dag met het voorbeeld van de meisjes) Hij speelt vooral met het roske, Niki – die is het meest gecharmeerd van die knappe zwarte rus. Liskha, het zwartje houdt hem vooral goed in het oog. We zijn héél blij dat hij ons is!

Theodore. Handsome and presentable guy. But this brutal appearance hides a kind and tender kitten.

Theodore appeared from nowhere. Very skinny with the traces of collar on his neck. He was following all the people who were passing by, poking his nose at them. For sure Theo has never been a house pet; he was afraid to enter an apartment, afraid to walk on a leash. At the same time he is so much attracted to people. We think he is a “summer dog”, the kind of a dog people take when they go to dachas (summer houses) and throw away in autumn. In his stray street life Theo made friends with kids, popped into a kindergarten and did not object at all to play. Theo is a very quick
learner. He is already ok with the leash, walks well, does not pull. He is fine with entering an apartment. He might need some time to get used to a new place but maybe not, as he already knows what it is like to live in a house.

He rides the car very well, does not get sick. Still a bit afraid of getting into the car as he does not do it often. As the experience shows, Theo adapts really quickly to all things. Theo needs to make a couple of car rides to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. If Theo gets frightened, one can take him under his front paws, letting his back paws to walk. It is also possible to carry him in. There is no aggression in him at all, one should not be afraid of him. Theo got used to 3 walks a day. The day
walk can be really quick, 3 minutes for quickly doing his stuff.

Theo loves everyone at once. Men, women, kids. He licks hands, nests at one’s feet, pokes his nose at humans. There is always a question in his eyes, “Do you love me? Is it true? You will not walk away, will you?” He is extremely gentle and at the same time not annoying or intrusive. If you call him, he will be there to cuddle and play. If
you do not call him, he will be minding his own business. Theo is a very quiet guy with a nice character. He gets along well with other dogs, likes to play with them. His current foster family also houses another dog, a girl. Theo does not struggle for authority, allows her to eat from his plate.

There is also a cat around and they have a good neutral relationship. Theo does not insult the cat, might invite her to play. Since the cat is not predisposed to play with him, he simply leaves her alone. When this cat is in a bad mood, she might scratch Theo but he never responds to that, simply leaves. He is completely incapable of showing any aggression. Theo can stay alone at home. He does not break anything. For the first two days he was frightened when his foster parents left the house and he was scratching the entrance door. But on the third day he understood that there was nothing there to be afraid of. And never again scratched the door. During his first days in the foster family when he was so much frightened, Theo did not break or nibbled anything. This is the first dog at this family that did not spoil a pair of shoes of the foster mother)). Excellent behaviour. Theodore learns easily, obeys well.

His tender character and absence of aggression make him a good dog for a family with small kids. His foster parents have a 2 year old daughter. He eats from her hands, allows the girl to crawl on him. He does not react when she runs around him, waving her arms and poking the toys at him. He allows her to comb him, cover with a blanket, wipe with damp napkins. If Theo gets annoyed he just walks away. If the little lady continues to play with him, he patiently waits for the girl to get tired and forget about him. Theo’s character is really amazing. Balanced, steady and kind dog. We think that he will fit into any family without any problems. Preferably a family living in a house. The most important thing though is love as he deserves it so much!