JUNI 2021

She’s getting old, but still up and running

JUNI 2014
Vandaag is Lacey een jaar bij mij… Het is nu ook haar verjaardag.. 🙂 Hoe schattig is de foto hieronder waar ze met z’n 3tjes liggen te slapen.. 🙂

Het gaat heel goed met d’r. Niet zoveel bang meer en ze luistert heel goed. Ze vind het helemaal leuk hier en is de hele dag de hort op als het mooi weer is.

With exclusive look and blue eyes. Taisja for a very kind, sympathetic owner who loves dogs and understands them. Taisja spayed, vaccinated, walks on a leash. Very shy with strangers. Kind, very affectionate girl. Gets along well with other dogs. Likes to run, swim, playful.

Very fond of natural food – cooked liver, chicken, raw meat. As well as eating and dry food. She likes cheese. She lives in the shelter for 2 years. We do not know who brought her here. It seems like she and her sister had lived with her mother in the parking lot.

When I’m with Taisja and other dogs get out of the shelter for a walk into the woods, i lead them to the grove on a leash, as we pass a busy carriageway road, unfortunately, dogs do not understand cars, they do not fear them.

In October 2010, Taisja strongly torn by orphanage dog, her sexual loop has been broken щт 10 cm – Taisja was taken to the hospital and there had made her seams.V Taija often bullied by the other dogs, she is shy and cowardly. But she is also flexible and able to change to those who love her and give her a home.

Taisja-toed girl, but it is not spoiled, but rather makes it even more fun.