JUNI 2014

Silver – cat, glowing from within

Meet – it is Silver, miniature cat of immense beauty rare color “black smoke”. Because of this unusual color (mostly black but with white undercoat), he seems to glow and shimmer with every movement.

Silver is very compact cat, weighs less than 4 kg but thus very proportional and graceful. He was brought in winter from the distant Volgograd (city on the great Volga River in southern Russia), where caring people picked him up, all covered with snow, on one of the local garbage dumps. Most likely, he is a former housecat, close Persian Cat crossbreed.

Silver is young (2 years old), healthy, neutered, vaccinated, has vet passport and chip. He has counterbalanced character, perfectly mannered, knows tray and “claws sharpener”. Silver is very affectionate cat, loves to sit on hands, never show aggression towards people, children and other cats.

Silver is a little afraid of dogs, but never allow himself to claws and hiss – just try to step aside. He feels good in car and will accompany you in traveling.

Give Silver your love and warmth of master hands and in your home will appear a real jewel!