JUNI 2019

Sharlotta en Anika hebben hun forever home gevonden; ze blijven bij hun fostermama en gaan voortaan als zusjes door het leven.
“Ik ben helemaal weg van deze twee hartendieven. Het zijn twee totaal verschillende honden maar zij vullen elkaar geweldig aan. Ik kan zeggen dat ik ze voor geen goud meer wil missen”.

Sharlotta, about 1-2 years old (2017 year of birth), we guess. Shoulder height 50 cm, weight about 22 kg. Treated against all external and endoparasites, vaccinated, chipped, neutered. Sharlotta walks excellently on the leash. Very obedient and serious minded girl. Seems to be a Collie mix.
She was found in Moscow by a woman, near her multi- apartment block. The woman asked me, as a volunteer, for help, and sent me photos of Sharlotta. The dog looked unhappy and lost. If we tried to come up to her, she took some steps back, feared but didn’t run away. She turned to people as she understood only people can feed her. We really had compassion on this dog, and decided to catch and bring her to a foster family, as long as we are searching for a family for her. Later we saw, Sharlotta is a very young dog and neutered. Probably, she was living in the street and was returned there after neutering. Maybe she lived on a factory, and went wandering after the factory was closed. But the point is she never was a home dog, only lived near people, in the street more likely. There are many suggestions, but no one knows Sharlotta’s true story. A fester open wound was on her back – how everything is well and she is absolutely healthy.
True, when I saw her first, my thought was she would rank high in Europe, it’s right that sort of dog they like. And that meant a lot, when she became my dog under care – having a lot of curatorial dogs at the moment, I couldn’t afford one more, I made an exception for her. We see Sharlotta rehabilitated herself quickly in home environment. She understood quickly everything – flat living conditions, outdoor walk, communication with people. She is very friendly to other dogs and cats. Sleeps on a mattress or on the floor. Eats canned and natural food (porridge and meat). Sharlotta is a tender dog, whom one would love to hug, caress, treat and kiss.
We gave her this delicious name meaning the popular dessert charlotte, apple pie. She is as sweet and puffy as that pie.
Sharlotta is good for a family living in a separate house, with other dogs and cats. Middle-aged family is better. Sharlotta is loyal to kids and strangers.
Can stay at home alone. Travelling by car is ok, no car sickness. She is rather quiet at home. She tried to jump onto a sofa once, but was set back. Plays with dogs, make friends with everyone. Loves to play at home too. Sharlotta runs willingly when it’s time for a walk. She is adapting to the situation, so on the whole she is absolutely decent, very good dog.