Nieuwe naam: Terra
Geadopteerd: 25-10-2020
Naam: Shara
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 2019
Schofthoogte: 55 cm
Gewicht: 22 kg
Ras: kruising
Gesteriliseerd: Ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: goed
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

Het gaat heel goed met Shara. Ze noemt nu Terra.
Ze past zich heel goed aan. Ze sliep ook direct mooi door ’s nachts. En als ik ’s ochtends ga werken, is ze ook super braaf. Misschien dankzij onze dagelijkse vroege ochtendwandelingen.
Ik wil ook nog naar de hondenschool, helaas zijn deze vanwege de corona gesloten. Ze houdt enorm van ravotten in de duinen

Shara was found in the evening on the 7th of January. She was crossing the highway, wearing a soft harness and a leash. People that found her were sure she had got scared of the fireworks and got lost. Probably they were right but nobody came after her. Her owners never appeared. But there were calls from other people. That was how we found out that Shara used to live in a family with many kids. She was often seen walking with them. That is why she is ok with children. She is also ok with cats and other dogs as she still behaves as a grown-up puppy.

She is friendly, full of life and very active. Fond of games and full of energy. She will be happy to jump to your hands and lick your face. But if someone suspicious approaches on the walk she will be ready to protect you and can bark. This can be adjusted if desired – Shara can be easily tamed down. It is clear that no one has ever been involved in training her before. But she is smart. On a leash she can pull a bit. But in general, she is obedient, not afraid of anything particular. Feels equally comfortable both in the city and in the countryside. Likes travelling by car – happily jumps inside when sees the open door. Shara is young and active dog. She prefers long walks and gladly supports any games. Can be a second dog in the family.