this is Shaman – a mysterious cat

Black as a night, alluring glance – he is not a myth, he is your chance…

Strange black cat was found this winter (in a very severe frost) in the stairwell of an elite apartment building in northern Moscow. During the day he disappeared, and at night slept in baby carriage in overall corridor…

No one was looking for him both in this house and neighboring buildings. Nobody cared about him. When we picked him up, he was on the verge of exhaustion… And, what is the most strange, he was already neutered! It means that someone just threw Shaman in the cold to certain death…

At the moment Shaman lives in temporary home and waits for his best owners. He is not the big (about 4 kg), but rather long cat: long body, long legs and very long tail. He has enormous bright yellow-orange eyes and, as a reminder of a past life, a small scar near the right one.

Shaman is a young cat (1.5 years old) but very smart and calm.

He can live with other pets and children, knows tray and, sometimes, likes to play with special cat toys.

Shaman doesnt like birds and hamsters.

Just look at this cat and decide – you deserve each other?