APRIL 2018

Sam’s first kingsday a before and after picture. He behaved so well..even managed an hours nap in the middle of it all 😁

My oldest son asked if he was allowed to spend some of the money he earned at the kingsday market on MyMartin, so more dogs like Sam can come to NL…ofcourse he can!

Samuel is een Herder/Rottweilermix van een goed jaar oud. Samen met zijn broertje leefde hij in de buurt van een bouwplaats. Iemand had ze daar gewoon gedumpt. Ze kregen eten van passanten en waren blij met iedereen die langs kwam, want dat betekende eten en soms even spelen. Vrijwilligsters gingen hen regelmatig eten geven en de honden herkenden hen meteen; ze kwamen vrolijk  aangehuppeld en waren verdrietig als ze weer weg gingen.

Een van de medewerkers vond dat Samuel meer op een Rottweiler moest lijken en heeft met een schaar zijn beide oortjes afgeknipt (zijn ene oor meer dan het andere). Hij gilde van de pijn en de vrijwilligsters hebben de wonden zo goed mogelijk verzorgd. Toen Samuel gecastreerd werd heeft de dierenarts meteen de oortjes gelijk gemaakt.

De broertjes zijn in de herfst van 2016 naar een kleinschalig asiel gebracht. Daar ging het aanvankelijk goed tot er werd besloten dat ze moesten worden verplaatst naar een groter asiel. De omstandigheden daar zijn niet te beschrijven; bijna geen aandacht en niets te beleven achter een groot afgeschermd hek. Gelukkig heeft een van de vrijwilligsters Samuel daar weg kunnen halen en is hij tijdelijk ondergebracht bij een gastgezin met kleine kinderen, waar hij het heel erg naar zijn zin had.

Hij is zindelijk en wordt nu 2-3x daags uitgelaten.  Hij kent inmiddels ook wat basis commandos en loopt netjes mee aan de lijn.

Houding tov volwassenen: goed. Hij geniet als er mensen om hem heen zijn; hij communiceert goed.

Houding tov kinderen: prima. Samuel is een superlieve, positieve hond, echt een mensen- en kindervriend! Zijn grootste plezier is spelen met kinderen en hondenspeeltjes.

Houding tov andere honden: goed met reutjes en teefjes; heel speels met beide.

Houding tov katten: goed. Samuel woont bij een vrijwilligster met andere honden en een kat om zich heen.

Kan alleen zijn: Samuel is gewend in de bench te zitten, als hij even alleen moet blijven.

Autorijden: prima

Gezondheid: Samuel is gevaccineerd, gechipt, gecastreerd en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: Huis met tuin heeft de voorkeur gezien zijn speelse karakter.

Voorkeur adoptanten: Echt een gezinshond!

Samuel (Sam) was born in july 2016, mix rottweiler, coat is short, color: black with fawn. Was found with cut ears. 23 kg / 55 cm height / 72 length. Externally healthy, was quarantined when he had been found on the market. Vaccinated, castrated.
Our volunteer found Sem and his brother at the construction market in the village. Someone from the workers had brought 2 puppies, and left. In the market they were cared by visitors. Cheerful, nimble little boys galloped and rushed, begged for food and played with everyone who paid attention to them. At the call of the volunteer, the kids fled at full speed, rejoiced at a friend who brought “delicious food”. After feeding, they thanked, barking loudly followed the car. Every time a volunteer came to visit them, there was so much joy. The employees of the nearest store told that one of the market workers decided to make Sam “like a rottweiler” and cut off both ears with scissors. The baby cried a lot, ears healed for a long time. As they could, the girls helped, healed his ears with vodka and greenery. One ear was more than another, later this defect was eliminated by doctors during castration.
In the autumn, the brothers were taken to the shelter. They passed quarantine, and at first everything was not bad. Each of the brothers had a booth, although they were put on a chain, but they were on the aisle, and communication with people was permanent. Unfortunately, after a few months the situation in the shelter changed for the worse, the “kids” were put in a distant wooden enclosure with other puppies. They rarely got people’s attention, and behind the blind fence there was not much to be seen. From the beginning of March the volunteer did not see Sam. At the end of April, the dog was given with a fight to the volunteer so she could take him away from this place. The character of the dog is very friendly as before, there were no special problems in the behavior. The only thing that was noticeable was the dog’s great desire to attract attention to himself.
Sam first got into another shelter, but quickly moved him to a site with a household. A good family with children sheltered a guy in an enclosure on a site where other dogs, including an Alabay breed bitch, lived next door. With Sam, it was not boring! Then he “put things in order in the enclosure,” then he examined the site and pulled off interesting things on the yard. Once he was noticed in a sandbox with children. But you can accurately say that everyone was very happy, the joyful squealing of children and the laughter of adults were heard everywhere.
The next stage in Sam’s life was moving to a small apartment in the city. Now Sam lives at home with a volunteer along with other dogs and a cat. Every day a guy walks in the park, communicates with everyone passing by. Everyone makes him happy, but most of all he, of course, loves children. The desire to communicate with children, play and have fun is the most important thing. Apparently, he feels that this is his team. He is ready to play with children all the time! For this Sam tries to kiss each, gives a paw, the tail of “180 degrees” is ahead of his master and shows his good nature.
With confidence, we can say that if you want to cheer yourself up, if you want to get a charge of good and positive energy, you need to meet Sam. A charge of joy and kindness is guaranteed to you! The most positive “guy” in the world is Sam. A family that will become a new and permanent home for this dog will be the happiest family in the world, it is 100%, even 1000% true. Believe it yourself, take this gorgeous, kind dog to your family. You will not regret!
Nutrition: allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.
Character: cheerful, active, loves to kiss and play.
Attitude towards adults: open to all people, ready to communicate with any person, sincerely enjoys any attention to himself, ready to be friends and kisses everybody , easily and quickly goes to contact.
Attitude towards children: to both young children and teenagers is very good, everyone is happy, ready to kiss and play with everyone. He can be hugged.
He is friendly with all dogs of both gender. Accepts cats, loves them. Accustomed to a leash, goes normally. Knows commands “Come to me”, “Sit”, “Lay”, “Go round” “Take your place”
Good goes by car, no carsick.
When he stays alone at home his sits in a cage, because of his young and playful character he can spoil shoes. Accustomed to a toilet outside, tolerates for a long time.
Loves to walk, ready to meet new people and dogs, wants to run and play. Plays with toys.