MEI 2013

Onze kater Billy ( voorheen Potap) lekker aan het snuffelen in de tuin. Het gaat geweldig goed met hem. Heerlijke knuffel.

Potap very large cat with a beautiful cream-colored white, this baby now weighs about 7 kg and exceeds in size all my cats in the apartment, loves to sleep, eat, sit in my arms. Absolute sloth, i think there is some breed in his family, because he has big beautiful brown eyes, it is velvety-brown, not yellow or orange. He is a typical reflux, but is still a very playfull because young. Very quiet, calm, stubborn, naive, maybe because he was the favorite kitten of his mom and is still trying to cling to her breasts, but she is almost a year as sterilized – she is terrible rage of its encroachment, and he become offended and runs r to me and complain:) In general it is still overgrown mom’s son. Loves people attention, like a monkey repeats all of the other cats. Comes to my bed, climbs and climbs onto the bed like an elephant, my chihuahua chase him, he stupidly falls on back, opens his fat belly folded at the mercy of dogs and stupidly waiting, he too lazy to run, even if dogs are very attack at this moment on it 🙂 get along well with all cats. Can naively come to dog’s place and lay near, he do not care that they could growl on him…so in 5 minutes they leave their place and he quitely laying on their bed:) Loves to use as beds – plastic trough-beds, in which he can lie down on top of the dog even if all such places are occupied. Willingly plays with toys, but for the company, the main cause excitement mouse and certainly sticks with feathers. He is very awkward, but gentle, loves to lie down on my knees. When stroking him – kissing hands and purrs, substitutes always belly to pet, loves to lie on my back and all in all the places in the flat on the floor. Future owners should watch carefully for his weight.