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Philip, 11 months old (born in July 2016). Vaccinated, treated against parasites, castrated, walks on a leash excellently. Philip is yet a puppy, he loves playing, running, hugging with people and messing around with other dogs. Philip was found as a teenage pup in a terrible condition – he was worn to a shadow, very dirty, with dingy hair. Kind people who found him helped him to recover, and when Philip was 8 months old, they found him home, but that was unlucky adopt. His owner was a young guy, who underfed him and beat him for little insignificant crimes.
The volunteers got to know it, luckily, and entrusted him under my curatorship, as they realized there is much hope of success to find him a good family…I am happy to have this cutie under my care, for can lead him to happy future in Europe. Philip lived in temporary house with 2 cats and 2 dogs before, made friends with all of them. He is very friendly to all the people – to women, children, and to men too, despite his past negative experience. Philip doesn’t have grievance against anyone. He forgives everything. But there have to be no more treachery and cruelty in his life.
He can go by car well. He keeps his eyes open, observing the scenery, has no car sickness at all. He will get on the sofa in the house, and if you don’t like it, you should break him of this habit. Philip eats everything and likes meat with porridge. I think there is some of German wirehaired pointer and Afghan hound in him. Probably a wolfhound too. His hair is very soft, smooth to the touch. He looks like a huge furry toy. Shoulder height is 64 cm, weight is about 28 kg. Living in a country house would be perfect for him. I see him in a family that can have a lot of free time for long walks with Philip. He needs human contact a lot. It can be boring for him to stay alone for a long time, but probably he can get used to it. Philip is one’s soul mate. One can enjoy his appearance, and his kind-hearted and unselfish nature.