Oskar werd na de Kerstvakantie in 2016 gespot door een vrijwilligster. Hij was toen zo’n zeven à acht maanden oud. Hij begroette haar met een gezellig geblaf en speels gedrag. Ze heeft hem na enkele dagen aangelijnd en naar het asiel gebracht.

Daar kwam hij terecht bij een ouder teefje die dacht dat ze hem alles moest leren. Geen pretje voor een jonge hond. Later hebben ze hem bij een jonger teefje geplaatst en dat was zo veel beter – gewoon lekker spelen. Door beleidsomstandigheden is Oskar herplaatst naar een groter asiel. Hij had daar heel veel vriendjes en vriendinnetjes – dat was OK, maar helaas mocht ook dit niet duren. Weer werd hij herplaatst en nu naar een mega horror-asiel. Gelukkig hebben de vrijwilligers in Moskou zich zijn lot aangetrokken en hem daar weg gehaald. Nu kan hij veilig slapen en krijgt hij voldoende eten en beweging. Maar nu is hij er klaar mee; kom op baasj. Oskar wil een eigen mand, een eigen familie en hij zal jullie niet teleurstellen!

Houding tov volwassenen: perfect. Oskar is jong, enthousiast en vindt echt iedereen geweldig. Hij kent ook al wat commando’s. Bij de wandeling kan hij in het begin wat trekken maar is heel goed te corrigeren. Leuk om samen op training te gaan. Oskar is er klaar voor!

Houding tov kinderen: heel goed. Hij probeert heel voorzichtig te zijn.

Houding tov andere honden: goed. Wat voorzichtig naar reutjes, maar met teefjes kan hij prima overweg.

Houding tov katten: onbekend.

Kan alleen zijn: onbekend.

Autorijden: goed.

Gezondheid: Oskar is gevaccineerd,gecastreerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: geen voorkeur. Geef deze kanjer de ruimte om zijn energie kwijt te raken, dan heb je er binnen echt geen ‘hondenkind’ aan.

Voorkeur adoptanten: geen voorkeur. Oskar kan zeker als tweede hond geplaatst worden.

1. This young dog named Oskar (Osckar De La Renta)

2. Year of birth is approximately: March 17, 2015.

3. Appearance – half-breed shepherd mix. The coat is short. Color: gray with black and white undercoat.

4. Weight is approximately 23 kg /height is 64 cm / length is 70 cm

5. Health – externally healthy. Vaccinated. Chipped. Has a vet passport

6. Castration / Sterilization: neutered.

7. The history of the dog
The volunteer met Oskar after the New Year holidays in the industrial zone near Moscow. To the boy to the teenager was for that moment about 7-8 months. Affectionate, playful, loud, cheerful “kid” immediately liked. Then for a few days he disappeared, and when he again appeared in the industrial zone, the volunteer tighter put him in the car and drove him to the shelter.

Oskar was put in an enclosure with a female dog who built a “guy” for any reason. Sometimes it was “not very sweet,” he tolerated everything. Later, he was replaced by a “friend” and the “guy” lived with a small and shy girl teenager. So several months passed. Oskar walked with employees and other volunteers on a leash with his girlfriend, once a week he was visited by the trainer, who taught him the basic kinds of teams.

Closer to the summer volunteer Oskar moved to another shelter, where he lived in a large aviary with female dogs, ran along the paths, playing with toys, barking loudly whike games, setting the stage all around. Until late autumn, everything was normal in the life of the “baby”. He had fun.

Closer to winter, the situation in the shelter changed dramatically. Volunteers were no longer allowed to go to the animals, it is for certain that in order to save the guy they were thrown out of the enclosure and put on a chain, in the furthest corner. He was a merry fellow and Oskar, and he whined miserably far from everyone. His hands rarely reached him. After 2 months of fighting, Oskar returned to the hands of the volunteer in an “eerie state”. Scared, exhausted, greedily attacking the food and not ate from the first time. At the swing of his hands, he reacted with fright, clinging to the floor. Oskar’s look was very pathetic. But the cheerful disposition still remained. He was very happy that he was taken and jumped into the car happily.

Over the summer, the dog changed a few more places of residence, for various reasons, it was not possible to find a good place. At the moment, Oskar lives in a zoo hotel, in a street cage with other dogs. They walk together on leashes, play in an aviary, next to them are good people who are very sensitive to dogs, which have suffered many tests.

Now Oskar is having a great time. Often in the zoo, families come with young children. How he loves children! With teenagers, he likes to run and play, loudly while barking. In general, Oskar is a very sociable “young man”. The troubles he had experienced before are long over. The dog easily recovered, it is completely open to the person. With “little guests” Oskar is especially attentive, he understands that these are “kids” and very carefully tries to move, gently takes a treat or toy from his hand.

At the meeting, Oskar is very happy, caressing, very much and noisily “talking”, jumping, kissing, etc. He likes very much when he is stroked, scratched behind his ear, they say good words. This dog understands everything! A little calming down, he hugs the volunteer and always puts his head on his shoulder. Very upset when again leave him, leaving him along with everyone. It can be seen with an unaided eye that he really wants to go home. He very much wants a big, merry, active family who will accept him and will love and care.

8. Nutrition – allergies are not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – general temperament – active, cheerful, loud, playful

10. With adults – to all people behaves absolutely friendly, fondled.

11. The ratio of children – Oskar loves children, is careful with kids, loves to play with teenagers. Well goes to the contact.
12. Relationship with other dogs and bitches – to unfamiliar make dogs in different ways, can voice and growl, not fight, adores females. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory.

13. Attitude towards cats – unknown, prefer family without cats, but with dogs

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash accustomed. In the case of extreme interest in the object, it may begin to pull, but when pulled, it approaches the person and goes alongside. In a calm environment – he obediently walks a bit ahead of the person.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Nearby”, “Sitting”, “Lying”. The “Place” command should be repeated several times in RUSSIAN. Oskar is easy trainable

17. How to ride in the car: just great! He loves to look out the window, he is interested! He can get to kiss, but when he turns, he will listen and go to the place.

18. Can I stay at home alone – unknown. Ready to check

19. Toilet – In an apartment can tolerate, several times will be asked to go outside, now lives in the zoo hotel in an aviary

20. Toys – Towards toys indifferent. prefer walking

21. Wishes for owners – is able to become the 2nd dog with a female dog, non-conflicting. A big friendly family where everyone will communicate with him is an ideal option. Can be a good companion for a teenager.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably in an apartment or a country house in a family that will love and engage in it.