Nieuwe naam:
Geadopteerd: 11-09-2021
Naam: Nadya
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 2019
Schofthoogte: 54 cm
Gewicht: 24 kg
Ras: kruising
Gesteriliseerd: Ja
Gezondheid: goed
Houding tov volwassenen: goed
Houding tov kinderen: goed
Houding tov teefjes: goed
Houding tov reutjes: goed
Houding tov katten: goed
Autorijden: goed

Wat een feest, Nadya doet het fantastisch! de muizen in de houtstapel zijn wat minder blij.

A little expedition with Nadya! As if she has always been with us…

We met Nadya when she appeared in one of the small villages of the Kaluga region. There was a yellow tag on her ear, which means that she spent some time in a shelter, where she was sterilized in accordance with the state program. After that, Nadya was released into the field and she came to a place where people lived.

One of the families in this village noticed an intelligent affectionate dog, reported it to the volunteers and allowed her to stay in their house for a while until Nadya found a real home. Now Nadya lives with this family, in the company of another dog, a cat and a 7-year-old child.

Seeing how Nadya behaves in the house, communicates with people, knows some commands, it is clear that earlier, before the shelter, she was a domestic dog. But something sad happened in her life and she lost her master and home.

Nadya now eats natural food, but also eats dry food well. Loves treats – pieces of meat and chicken, cheese and everything that dogs love.

Nadya is a dog of moderate activity, if there is a cheerful company of dogs, she can be very fun to play. The rest of the time, she behaves peacefully and calmly. She really loves the company of people, physical contact, affection, but at the same time she is sensitive to the mood and will not impose if the person does not want to communicate. She is sociable and friendly with everyone, does not show aggression at all and is inclined to obedience. Nadya behaves well with children, now she lives in a house with a 7-year-old child and is very patient with him. With younger children, we have no experience.

Nadya is quite a peaceful dog in relation to other dogs. She avoids conflicts. We’ve seen her interact with a variety of dogs of both sexes. With only one bitch (pit bull) Nadya showed mutual dislike. There was no fight, but Nadya gave signals of antipathy. She communicates well and plays with males .

With a domestic cat, Nadya is calm and indifferent, but on the street she can show playful interest, pull the leash towards the cat. She hunts birds – chickens, pigeons.

Nadya walks well on a leash. Only at the beginning of the walk may pull slightly with excitement, but in general, she walks very well next . Knows simple commands: call, sit, paw.

Loves car trips, tolerates the car well and is ready for any travel in the company of a human friend.

Can stay at home alone and behave calmly, dozing. True, we did not leave her alone for more than 2 hours.

Accustomed to toilet outdoor 2 times a day.

Nadya can live in the countryside and is also very confident in the urban environment. She can live with a male dog, with a kind cat, with children over 8 years old. She is a real companion dog. She is smart, friendly, noble and interested in communicating with the person. She is ready to learn and obey. Nadya needs good walks, a lot of affection, cuddles and love.