Het gaat zo leuk, zo ontspannen, zo goed, om het nog maar bescheiden te houden! Geen enkel, maar dan ook geen enkel probleem (tot nu toe haha). Een grote ontdekkingsreis.

Speels, vrolijk, enthousiast, sociaal en dankbaar. Heerlijke hond. “Lot uit de loterij”. We maken fijne lange wandelingen. Genieten samen van de natuur en al het schoons. Lekker struinen.
Ik kan aan haar hele lijf komen, in haar bek, in haar voederbak. Er is volledig onderling vertrouwen tussen ons tweetjes. We zijn een éénheid. Nu al. Vanaf dag 1 eigenlijk al.

Nadine is a such a positive, open-hearted dog. She came to the construction site by herself and the workers called her Naida (from the word “naidena” that means “was found”). I changed this name according to European style. She became Nadine in that way.
Nadine is about 1years old (she was born in the 02.06.2016), shoulder height 60 cm, weight 27 kg. Neutered, vaccinated, walks on a leash excellently and will be devoted to her master – the person that takes care of her, caresses, gives her compliments. She appreciates human care most of all. Nadine gets along well with other animals including cats. She was living with a stray cat at the site. There Nadine had puppies and admired them, took great care of them. The workers made a doghouse for her, bought her with dry food and fed with home-cooked food. They tried to make Nadine feel comfortable as much as they could, even with their small earnings. But Nadine needed to find food by herself also, begging near the food store. So I found her there, a cute dog with good appetite and wonderful soul. After feeding her, I came back there, as this dog sank deep into my heart and I was eager to help her. Nadine is not a spoilt dog, but she can get used to something good very quickly. This construction facility will be closed soon, and the animals inhabiting it have no place to go…The site managers didn’t let take her to the other sites and the workers put her willingly in our hands, to us volunteers, having known about out care about the animals and the fact we find families for them.
Nadine goes by car without car sickness. She is friendly to men, children, other animals- she loves them all! She can sleep at any place that will be allowed. She slept on a plank bed. Living in a house is preferable for her. She likes long walks, loves to walk in a forest with a man. She can stay at home too I guess. This dog is mentally resilient. It seems she suffered much for her not such a long life, went through thick and thin.
I can see Nadine needs a kind friendly active family, of any age. If there are many animals in the house, that will be ok. This dog is rather unpretentious.
Nadine is extremely empathetic dog. She is friendly with people and other dogs, cats. She is sensible, understanding dog. She feels everything deep inside. When we came to that place to see stray dogs, she was the first dog we saw. We followed her, she showed us her babies. And she greeted us every time we came after then. We also called her “mercy”. She can feel with someone, like nobody else… When our catcher put some anesthesia to one of the dogs with an air gun, and the dog was lain on the ground, Nadine began to worry so much about that doggie, walking up and down, as if she was saying: “What’s the matter with you? Are you ok? Get up, get up!” She takes everything close to her heart, she feels something wrong…
It is a Companion Dog- we say it without exaggeration. One of the workers wanted to take her to luckily did not happen, transportation is too complicated for common people. We happy Nadine has now got a chance to move to Europe.