Milosh 2


Milosh is duidelijk een straathond, en geen huishond geweest. Maar in alle variaties van straathonden valt hij onder de slimme straathond in de omgang met mensen; erg communicatief en vriendelijk. Samen met zijn vriend Platosha (ook ter adoptie) kwam hij in het asiel in januari 2017. We weten niets tastbaars van zijn voorgeschiedenis. Milosh en Platosha vormen een leuk koppel. Platosha volgt Milosh overal, ze zijn echte maatjes. Zijn karakter is nog als een puppy, vrolijk, nieuwsgierig, staat open voor ontdekkingen, vol vertrouwen in mensen en gelooft in zijn lucky star.

Houding tov volwassenen: Goed. Hartstikke sociaal, niet angstig, is erg speels.

Houding tov kinderen: Vriendelijk met vanaf 10 jaar

Houding tov andere honden: Hij communiceert goed met andere honden en maakt graag kennis met zowel reuen als teven. In het asiel verblijft hij in een hok met twee andere honden; een reu en een teefje. Dat gaat goed, hij is niet dominant.

Houding tov katten: Onbekend.

Autorijden: Onbekend.

Gezondheid: Milosh 2 is gevaccineerd, gecastreerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

This male dog named Milosh 2
He is the mix of the East-European shepherd

2. Year of birth is approximately: October 2016

3. Appearance – The coat is short. Need brushing. The color black and brown
4. Weight 21 kg, Height 53 cm (june 2017)

5. Healthy. Chipped. Vaccinated.
6. Castrated.

7. The history of the dog
Milosh is a simple stray dog. By his character he is a kind and sly fox. Milosh came to the shelter in January 2017 with his friend named Platosha (also is under adoption). We don’t know his history and will never know. We are sured that he has never been a pet but very communicative. He trusts people and believe in his lucky star. Milosh is still a puppy. Full of joy and opened for the discovering.

8. Nutrition – allergies are not identified. Nowadays eats dry food perfectly. of course adores yummy for dogs.

9. Character – general temperament – very kind, tender, active as a puppy dog, adores people and stay in connection with a person.

10. Attitude towards adults – very good. no fears. very sociable. likes to play a lot

11. Attitude towards children – with adult children he is friendly

12. Attitude to other males and females – good. he communicates well. Likes to get acquainted with new dogs. No matter male or female. In the shelter he lives in one aviary with other two dogs (male and female) Communicates well. Not dominance. Very social dog.

13. Attitude to cats – unknown. But we think that he has never seen cats so probably he will be very much surprised to see them in life. So we think he is able to stay with cats but we have never checked him. We plan when the one of the foster places will be free – to let him go to foster place to check his life with a person and other pets (cats included)

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed. not pulling. Walks very good.

16. Does any team know: clearly does not know the team.

17. How to ride in a car: unknown yet

18. Can stay at home alone – unknown yet

19. Toilet – in the shelter he stays in an aviary and goes for a walk only once a week when his volunteer comes. When he walks he makes toilets outside. So probably it takes some time to let him know that he has to do all his toilets outside

20. Toys – toys are indifferent. prefer to run away and play with a person or dogs.

21. Wishes for owners – we prefer a family with other pets, dogs, he is able to become a second dog in a family.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all accommodation options are considered but we prefer a house with a garden for free walking’s. Nowadays lives in the shelter. Milosh adores open everything new and sniff everything outside.