Nieuwe naam:
Geadopteerd: 03-04-2021
Naam: Milo
Geslacht: Teef
Geboortejaar: 15-11-2020
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Houding tov teefjes:
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MEI 2021

Milo and Prada Love Tommy the cat and they Love Boef (my father’s dog). They are doing so great, I’m so proud of them, they are smart and eager to learn. Walking with them is an adventure every time. Paws and Love for Vera their foster mamma, thank you for taking good care of my lovely Ladies ❤️

In January 2021 our volunteer arrived to Sochi in sanatorium on treatment. And in the first two days from a window of the room she saw a small doggie, and around it puppies ran. And of course she ran to watch who it and that there occurs. Small mom dog and six puppies huddled in two boxes… Many vacationers fed them. Brought everything that remained on tables after breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.
Weather was very opposite at this time: a little the sun shines, the whole day pours a rain… In such situation it is impossible to think about your vacation, all thoughts how to save these unfortunate…
And when our volunteer heard that the sanatorium was leased by the company on a rebuilding she absolutely lost the head…
She contacted us the girls from Moscow and together resolved an issue of transportation of mom and puppies to Moscow.
Mom Zoë small and very kind doggie.
Puppies all very beautiful, can be metises of a pointer.
All are healthy, imparted.
Were born 15.11.2020