We zijn ontzettend benieuwd om te zien (en te lezen!) hoe goed Milana is terecht gekomen.

Stuurt u gerust uw verhaal en/of foto’s naar

We zien uw nieuwe verhaal graag tegemoet.

Milana heeft in haar jonge leventje al het nodige meegemaakt. Ze is geboren op een industrieterrein in Moskou, waar ze geruime tijd met andere pups leefde. Soms werden ze aangehaald en kregen ze wat te eten, maar vaak werden ze geslagen en sommige zelfs vergiftigd. Een zeer onaangename plek om op te groeien. Met hulp is Milana opgepakt en naar een dierenkliniek gebracht. Daar heeft ze één maand kunnen aansterken en is daarna naar een asiel gebracht. Ze zat daar met zeven andere honden in een hok.

Ze raakte gewend aan de vrijwilligster die langs kwam en veranderde van een schichtige, bange pup in een vrolijke jonge hond. Dit geluk heeft niet lang mogen duren; de vrijwilligster mocht heel lang het terrein niet meer betreden. Toen ze eindelijk weer toegang kreeg heeft zij Milana en een aantal andere pups meegenomen – ze moesten worden gedragen omdat ze zo verzwakt waren.

Milana woont sinds augustus bij de vrijwilligster in huis en heeft zich van een bibberende, bange pup ontwikkeld tot een blije, energieke en vrolijke jonge hond die graag aandacht krijgt en daar ook truukjes voor heeft ontwikkeld. Soms moet ze worden afgeremd en dan luistert ze direct naar het woord ‘brys’ wat ‘ophouden’ betekent. Ze gaat dan netjes liggen wachten op het teken dat ze weer haar gang mag gaan. Milana kent inmiddels ook enkele andere commando’s: kom, zit, lig en naast. Ze loopt ook netjes mee aan de lijn en is zindelijk.

Houding tov volwassenen: Prima bij mensen die ze kent, dan laat ze zich ook graag aanhalen en os verheugd als er iets met haar wordt ondernomen. Bij vreemden is ze wat voorzichtig, de oortjes gaan naar achter, het staartje zakt en ze gaat snel op de grond liggen. Als ze eenmaal doorheeft dat het oké is, dan zal ze ook tegen vreemden heel vriendelijk zijn.

Houding tov kinderen: goed. Bij voorkeur kinderen ouder dan 10 jaar, maar ook naar kleinere kinderen is Milana lief.

Houding tov andere honden: voorzichtig bij de eerste kennismaking, maar zodra ze ziet dat de andere honden ook aardig doen is ze al snel aan het spelen.

Houding tov katten: goed. Milana adoreert katten.

Kan alleen zijn: onbekend. Milana is nu eigenlijk nooit alleen – ze heeft altijd gezelschap van andere honden en dan gaat het alleen zijn prima.

Autorijden: prima. Autorijden betekent nu dat er iets leuks gaat gebeuren.

Gezondheid: goed. Milana is gevaccineerd, gesteriliseerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: geen voorkeur.

Voorkeur adoptanten: Milana heeft het meest baat bij een ‘zachte hand’; ze heeft een gevoelig karakter. Ze kan ook uitstekend als tweede hond worden geplaatst.

1. This young dog named Milana (we call her Mila). Black panther with a kind heart.

2. Year of birth is approximately: April 15, 2016.

3. Appearance – half-breed. The coat is short. Color: black.

4. Weight is 17 kg / 55 cm height / 65 length

5. Health – externally healthy, stayed for 1 month in the vet clinic, after catching from the industrial zone in Moscow. Vaccinated. Chipped.

6. Castration / Sterilization: sterilized.

7. The history of the dog

Milana was born and lived in the industrial zone in Moscow. On the spot, the dogs had a different attitude, someone fed and ironed, and someone beat and poisoned. Nearby was the roadway and the railway tracks, so there was a lot of tragic. The incoming new flocks of adult stray dogs, wandering in search of food, often flew to the puppies, and they were run over. Milana was afraid of everything, the person did not fit, the feeling of hunger made her run around at the time of “feeding”, sometimes she had something different, but in general, the puppies were hungry and wild. At capture she caught with the help of catchers, to the person it did not approach close.

After the capture, she spent 1 month in the vet clinic, then was sent to the shelter. At first everything was fine, she ran in a good enclosure with other puppies, ate good food. She was a little afraid of the man, but she approached for “delicious” and “treated herself”. In the enclosure there were 8 dogs, Mila tried to break through “in the forefront”, and with each time and new communication, came closer and closer. In general, she had good relations with the volunteer.

Unfortunately, after half a year the situation in the shelter changed for the worse, the volunteer stopped letting into the territory, within two months she did not see the animal. When the first opportunity appeared to finally take the dog, the volunteer came to the shelter.

Mila and her brother and sister were carried in their arms, as they could not go on a leash, they were finally taken from the orphanage. The dogs were badly exhausted, it took a whole summer to restore the former form and just simply to feed it off. From the behavior of the dogs it was clear that the animals were terrified, loud screams, wings of hands and sharp movements frightened them. Mila in the first weeks tried to huddle far into the corner of the cage, even the volunteer could not immediately come and stroke the dog, the baby was shaking and writing in fright.

All summer and autumn, Mila spent in a new place. She was surrounded by caring staff of overexposure and the “young lady” slowly began to come to her senses. After a couple of months, the “girl” calmed down and again joyfully greeted the volunteer, rejoiced “delicious”, barked loudly and accompanied the visitors. With all she wanted to play and caress. Life began to get better again.

In autumn the volunteer took Mila to her home for foster. Immediately it was evident how “baby” is trying to please and please. From the first day of her stay in the apartment, she realized where her place was. For two days I got accustomed to the schedule of the walkings and patiently waited for my turn when she was taken out for a walk. Also, Mila realized that at home you should sit quietly and not bark. When it is released from the cage, the “young lady” happily climbs onto the couch to the “older” dogs and as much as possible tries to be friends with them. “Little sly” is trying to attract attention, so she can defiantly take a thing or shoes and bring the volunteer, thereby showing what she “clever and novice.” In general, Mila is very positive and kind dog. She really wants the most attention from the person, sometimes even too annoying, can be very raschalitsya, a pair, it can be difficult to calm, an overabundance of feelings takes over it. The magic word “brys’!!!!!” means stop it she understands perfectly, it has a magical effect on her, at first she departs and calmly lies down on the floor, waiting for her to be called again.

Mila walks calmly in the park, frolic with familiar dogs on the dog platform, she can be stroked and scratched behind her ear, she goes into contact even with strangers. The only thing, still presses his ears and tail, cuddles to the floor, the first movement in her address, but looking around, calms down and begins to rejoice at attention.

Mila is an obedient and intelligent dog, now she is engaged in volunteer training and commands. The teams have already mastered “sit”, “walk around!”, Not much “next” and “lying”. The place command is executed the first time. In general, the “damsel” is capable and assiduous.

Mile needs caring and affectionate hands, a family is needed, ready to give attention and love to a dog that has faced human cruelty. A gentle, affectionate and quivering dog will be the most grateful and devoted friend for this family. Mila reaches out to the person and wants to communicate with him. She is completely ready to enter the family for life. She is waiting for her very much.

8. Nutrition – Eats dry food / canned food. dogs snacks

9. Character – general temperament – cheerful, playful, joyful.

10. Attitude towards adults – with strangers on first encounter is alert, presses up ears and tail, cuddles to the floor, anxiety quickly passes , if she pat several times and talk. With familiar people behaves absolutely friendly, caresses, rejoices.

11. Attitude towards children – is able for in a family with children older than 10 years old, she goes to contact good with a small kids

12. Attitude towards other males and females – in the first minute may be frightened, but on contact will go with the bitches and with the males. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory.

13. Attitude to cats – loves, adores cats.

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As she walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed, walks normally.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Nearby”, “Sitting”, “Lying”. The team “Place” knows “5-plus plus.” Knows the command “Walk around” in Russian. She is easy trainable

17. How to ride in the car: good and fun! She knows that she is going to the playground, that she will now run and play.

18. Can she stay at home alone – unknown. Nowadays lives at foster place with others dogs and a cat, never stayed alone.

19. Toilet – accustomed 3 times per day

20. Toys – Towards toys indifferent. likes to walk, from a person does not go far.

21. Wishes for the owners – is able to be the 2nd dog with male or female, not conflicting. In the apartment the volunteer lived with 7 dogs and males and females, with all of them – the friends.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably in an apartment or a country house in a family that will love and engage in her.