Marsa is a black panther. Very elegant and graceful, beautiful cat. Marsa loves to participate in all activities: cleaning the apartment, games, tea parties, in general, no matter what do you do, it is always there. Loves attention and sitting on the arms, very affectionate, beautiful and large girl. It keep distance with otherpets, does not enter in fights and conflicts. Age is 3 years, healthy, vaccinated, sterilized.

Her story: It fell out of a window in the house, I heard a slap and saw a cat was lying, but since then no one in the house answered on my mailbox and did not respond, but the cat was well maintained and i could see that it had lived with people in love. She had a rupture of the bladder + head injury. For now remains only pupils trembling, the neurologist said that it will be with cat for whole life 🙁 Otherwise there were no transactions, simply hospital, treatment, and monitoring and treatment by a neurologist and six months later sterilization. Now Marsa is completely healthy, living on foster more than 1 year.