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This female dog named Madeleine
Year of birth – 2016 January (approximately)
Appearance – red and black
Height is 45cm
Weight is 19 kg
Healthy. Neutered. Vaccinated. Chipped.
Story of Madeleine
Madeleine is a simply stray dog. She was found on the street and was brough to the shelter in winter by voluneer (december 2016).
Immediately when she came to the shelter she showed a very good behaviour with people (volunteers and staff of the shetlter) and of course with her neighbors-dogs. She is very good with dogs any type. ZPositive, opened and friendly and active dog.
Madeleine just adores people, adores to be patted and hugged very much.
She likes go for a walk. Good on the leash. Not pulling.
Madeleine eats dry food. But of course adores dogs snacks. She is in a very good contact with kids.
In the shelter we have a cat and when she sees him she looks at him with an interest. But never tryed to hurt him. Madeleine is a young dog so of you are ready to show her and explain that cats are good partners – she perfectly gets it!
Madeleine is very smart, easily trained, obedient dog, very kind and likes kids. Ze woont nu bij een fostergezin met kleine kinderen, andere honden en katten en kan met allemaal prima overweg.
Food – as i wrote – eats everything: dry food, porridge with meat, yummy.
Does any team know – no, but if you want to teach her – she will be a very good student!
How to drive in a car – enough good but a little bit afraid to jump
Can she stay at home alone –yes, and good if you have another dog for a company. Nothing spoil in her aviary.
Toilet – now walk 3 times per day in the shelter.
Toys – not much becasue doesnt understand what to do, on the street running alone or with other dogs, frolic.
But person – is the main person in her life! Very much focused on person!
Wishes for owners – suitable for any family, second dog in the family, in a family with children or without children, with other dogs.
Wishes at the place of residence – in a his house, on a farm with a large range. it doesnt matter.