MEI 2018

Leo (Lyova)

MAART 2018

Opposites attract…2 knuffelberen Leo en Belle… samen spelen, wandelen, wassen en knuffelen….❤

Deze schitterende roodharige leeuw heet Lyova. Wij vermoeden dat hij Leonberger DNA heeft. Hij heeft in ieder geval het postuur van dit ras. Het witte staart-eind komt echter meer bij Benner Sennen honden voor – hij zit vol verrassingen! Het is echt een knoeperd van een hond – hij heeft inmiddels al een hele schare bewonderaars op het dorp waar hij nu in opvang is (omgeving Gouda). In het opvanggezin zijn nog twee honden: een reu en een teef en dat gaat helemaal prima.

Lyova heeft een goed karakter. Hij is echt een open boek en graag bij mensen in de buurt. Hij is lief met kinderen en speelt ontzettend graag, zowel met mensen, andere honden of alleen met een hondenspeeltje. Ook laat hij zich gewillig wassen en drogen. Het is duidelijk dat hij ooit een huishond was. Hij kent de commando’s ‘zit’ en ‘wacht’ en is super zindelijk; hij geeft aan dat hij naar buiten moet. Soms fopt hij de boel, dan wil hij gewoon graag naar buiten – een hond met humor! Lyova is goed te corrigeren als hij wat onstuimig wordt. Het is ook een echte kroelkip.

Lyova is een lekkerbek en heeft ’t liefst vers vlees. Hij schrokt niet maar eet rustig zijn bak leeg. Voor hondenknabbels haalt hij ook zijn neus niet op, maar hij is niet uitermate gefixeerd op eten.

Houding tov volwassenen: Goed. Hij is erg vriendelijk en lief naar mensen toe en gaat goedgemutst op mensen af.

Houding tov kinderen: Goed met oudere kinderen – niet omdat hij niet lief is met kleine kinderen, maar hij zou ze zo omver kunnen lopen.

Houding tov andere honden: Goed met teefjes. Hij kan naar andere, voor hem onbekende, reutjes blaffen maar als het OK is dan speelt hij graag met ze.

Houding tov katten: Lyova is te geïnteresseerd in katten, dus bij voorkeur een omgeving zonder katten.

Kan alleen zijn: Hij is eigenlijk nooit alleen omdat er altijd andere honden om hem heen zijn. Hij is gezeglijk genoeg om hem dat te leren.

Autorijden: Perfect. Meneer gaat liggen, kijkt wat naar buiten en als hij het zat is gaat hij slapen.

Gezondheid: Lyova is gevaccineerd, gecastreerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: geen voorkeur. Als Lyova lekker mee mag op wandelingen en zijn energie kwijt kan, heeft hij daarna genoeg aan zijn eigen plek.

Voorkeur adoptanten: Lyova houdt van actie. Binnenshuis is hij uitermate kalm maar deze jongen bruist van de energie en wil op pad en lekker spelen en rennen. Dus zoekt u een trouwe, vrolijke wandel/speel kameraad dan vindt u die in Lyova.

1. This big red fluffy lion named Lyova or Lev (Leo in English). We call him Levushka or Lyova

2. Year of birth is approximately: May 15, 2013

3. Appearance of the half-breed of big fluffy dog and maybe leonberger breed. For sure this dog has some breed.

4. Weight is approximately 45 kg / height 65 cm / 75cm length

5. Health is externally healthy. Vaccinated. Chipped.

6. Castration / Sterilization: neutered.

7. History of the dog
The volunteer met Lev on one of the highway in Moscow. On New Year’s holidays, on the coldest and frostiest days, a volunteer went to feed small puppies in the industrial zone, wore hot porridge and meat. Lyova was very distinguished from the general crowd of dogs. He obediently waited for the first to eat the kids, and only then greedily ate hot food. It was immediately clear that this dog was home. He listened to the man, performed the command “Sit” and “Wait.”

So began the acquaintance. Lyova began to feed almost every day, and then he began to dine on an ongoing basis. The appearance of the dog was badly shabby and wounded. There was a wound near the eye, bitten legs said that he often was in fights. The long coat hung on the sides in spring, but overall the dog made a very good impression, so in March the volunteer took Lyova and took her to the shelter. When catching Lev, they did not use any additional means, the volunteer simply asked the dog “You trust me, come with me” and led me around the neck and put me in the car. The dog did not resist. Even then it was clear that the dog was tired and understood everything, he again very much wanted to man.

For several months, Lyova spent at the orphanage, where he restored strength and health. Slowly, all the wounds were overgrown, the dog calmed down, ate, and even began to claim leadership in its aviary. With someone, he got along well, fought with someone, but in general, the staff of the orphanage were satisfied with the guy. When the volunteer came to take Lyova to the zoo, close to her, the woman cried, saying goodbye to the dog.

Lyova is a “kindhearted person”. Gentle, open, sympathetic, very fond of people. All people, through whose hands Lyova passed, unequivocally agree with this statement. And everyone weep at the parting.

In the hotel, the dog spent 3 summer months, feedback about the behavior is most positive. He is friendly with the girls, we can say, cares and cares for her “girlfriend”, treats children well, enjoys communication and any contact. With the males selectively, with some friends, with someone not, but in general, when it was released into the common territory, there was no fighting.

Now Lyova lives in a private area by the garden. He lives in an aviary with a female dog. Stuck with each other for about a week, now they live, soul in the soul. Natural gallantry prevailed and the “Chevalier Leva” gives way to a young lady in many ways. While he still protects his bowl of food, the hungry years are affected, but this is temporary, since he understands that he is being taken care of, he is near people and everything is already well with him.

Lyova loves to walk and play with toys, sticks, balls, ropes – all in joy. Apparently in his childhood he paid much attention, and he did not forget, as it was before. He happily grabs a toy and demands that they play with him.

When the volunteer brought Lyova to the city to wash and comb for a photo shoot, the dog’s joy was not there. He jumped into the elevator at home, it immediately became clear that he lived in the conditions of the city and knows what an elevator is. Well behaved in the bathroom, dutifully washed and dried with a hair dryer. When they came to the park to be photographed – rejoiced like a puppy. He played, ran, barked, loudly told everyone that he was here! Many passers-by could not pass by, stopped and photographed.

Lyova is a very good, loyal, reliable friend. The hard years spent on the street are behind. The dog is opened and trusts the person, happily goes to the contact and wants his house and family. Ahead is only good and he must be lucky.

8. Nutrition – allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – active, cheerful, loud, playful.

10. Attitude to adults – to all people behaves absolutely friendly, caresses.

11. Attitudes towards children – there were no special contacts, but when he met with children, he behaved well. But we are ready to check this anytime! For family with adult children.

12. Attitude towards other males and females – to unfamiliar dogs is in different ways, can voice and growl to warn if doesn’t like something, adores females dogs. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory.

13. Attitude to cats – has an interest. Looking for him a family without cats, prefer dogs and open space

14. Attitude to other animals – not indifferent to poultry.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed. In the case of extreme interest in the object, he may begin to pull, but when pulled, it approaches the person and goes alongside. In a calm environment – he obediently walks a bit ahead of the person.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Nearby”, “Sitting”, “Lying”. The “Place” command should be repeated several times. In Russian.

17. How to ride in the car: just great! He loves to look out the window, he is interested! He can get to kiss, but when he turns, he will listen and go to the place.

18. Can stay at home alone – unknown but we are ready to check for you!

19. The toilet – lives at foster place, outside in an aviary, goes for a walk 3 times per day.

20. Toys – very fond of walking and playing toys, likes to run after the ball, play with the ropes.

21. Wishes for owners – is able to become the 2nd dog with a female, non-conflicting.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably a country house in a family that will love and engage in him