Small and very fluffy.

He was named Lisyonok (Russian for “little fox”) simply because of his cute and nice appearance and strong resemblance to this animal.

Lisyonok and his siblings were born in an abandoned country house. It was really not clear whether there was an owner or not. His mother was very frightened and almost always hungry. This sad story was told to us by a man who adopted a dog from municipal shelter. We went to the place, took the mother (and later neutered her) and her puppies and are looking for a permanent home for this nice boy. He is very dear to my hearts, maybe due to his beauty or fantastic positive energy or both. I feel great responsibility for making everything right for him. Just because he is SO special.

Lisyonok is very gentle, touchy-feely and is fond of cuddling. He seems to be born with love and respect for people.
He now lives in a temporary foster family with other 5 dogs and 7 cats. Made friends with them all. Worried just a little bit only on the very first day. Very good with kids. Does not panic in a car, got sick during his first travel but second and third time went very well. Can stay home alone.

Now Lisyonok is allowed to sleep on the floor and in his dog’s bed but we think he will not reject a sofa))

He is really very nice, made for hugs, cuddles and kisses. These are the emotions I have for him and hope that someone will feel the same. It will be really great!

Lisyonok can live in any family, the main criteria – love and care.