Geadopteerd: 16-06-2013
JULI 2013

Vandaag heel veel met Larson gespeeld; nu overal kras plekken op mij hihi. Nu Larson naast mij liggen en hij slaapt lekker.


Larson is about 7 months now, he allegedly drahthaar mestizo (due to color and beard), but the size (and now he is 60 cm at the withers), it is very big and I think he still grows. Somebody threw him and other puppies in the night under the door of the veterinary clinic.

Larson is very large, phlegmatic, slow guy with a good disposition and kissing-character. It looks more like a cat than a dog, despite its impressive size, he is quite compatible with dogs and cats, not a leader by nature. Healthy, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped.