Lanna is geadopteerd.

Lieve Lanna, zoveel meegemaakt, nu klaar voor een liefdevol leven. Kalm, afwachtend, rustig, vriendelijk, knuffelig.

Lanna is geboren op een industrieterrein niet ver Moskou. Een plaats waar verschrikkelijke dingen gebeuren, waar honden vergiftigd, overreden worden, waar veel zwerfhonden op zoek zijn naar voedsel.

Lanna werd gevangen en verbleef een maand hierna in de dierenkliniek. Daarna kwam ze in het asiel. Daar was alles oké, ze kreeg eten, ze werd getraind door een vrijwilliger, ze bleek een klein, speels, blij meisje.

Na een half jaar veranderde het asielbeleid, niemand van de vrijwilligers mocht naar binnen. Uiteindelijk lukte het Lanna’s vrijwilligster om Lanna twee maanden later op te halen. Bij die overdracht heeft Lanna een enorm trauma opgelopen. Ze werd ruw bij haar nek meegesleurd uit haar hok, bijna stikkend. De hele weg getrapt door de asielwerker en naar buiten gegooid waar de vrijwilligster wachtte. Lanna was in shock, rende langs de weg met veel verkeer. Gelukkig lukte het de vrijwilligster haar te vangen, ze nam haar mee naar de dierenkliniek, waar Lanna een kalmeringsmiddel kreeg om tot rust te komen. Een paar dagen verbleef ze in de bench en was enorm overstuur. De vrijwilligster nam haar daarom mee naar huis. Daar verbleef ze drie en een half maand. Het duurde twee weken voordat ze at, langzaam kwam ze tot rust en tot zichzelf. Door deze gebeurtenis is ze in eerste instantie angstig voor volwassen mannen.

We zijn nu weer een tijd verder en Lanna doet het goed. Ze wandelt kalm in het park, speelt met bekende honden, kan geaaid worden en maakt contact, zelfs met vreemden.

Ze heeft training gekregen om van haar angst af te komen. Ze kent de basiscommando’s, luistert naar de vrijwilligster, gedraagt zich zowel thuis als op straat keurig. Ze wandelt netjes aan de lijn. Wat Lanna zoekt is een zachtaardige familie, waar ze vooral veel liefde krijgt.

Houding tov volwassenen: Voor bekenden en eigen familie lief en blij. Terughoudend en zenuwachtig bij vreemden, maar ze zoekt wel menselijk contact.

Houding tov kinderen: vanaf 10 jaar oud.

Houding tov andere honden: Ook bij contact bij nieuwe honden is ze terughoudend, maar als ze ze eenmaal kent en vertrouwt gaat het helemaal goed.

Houding tov katten: Goed.

Gezondheid: Lanna is gevaccineerd, gesteriliseerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

1. Dog named Lanna

2. Year of birth is approximately: April 2016.

3. Appearance – mix of stray dogs. The coat is short. Color: red

4. Weight 17 kg, size at the withers: 50 cm

5. Health: externally healthy, stayed a month in a vet clinic for quarantine, after catching from the industrial zone. Vaccinated, Chipped.

6. Sterilized.

7. The history of the dog. Be ready to read this.

Lanna was born and lived in the industrial zone, not far from Moscow city. At this place, terrible things happened; Dogs were poisoned, killed, crushed by cars. Flocks of adult stray dogs, wandering in search of food, often flew to the puppies, and they were run over ………… .. She was afraid of everything, so she was caught with the help of catchers, she did not come close to a man.

After the capture, she spent 1 month in the vet clinic, then was sent to the shelter. At first everything was fine, she ran in a good pen with other puppies, ate good food, she was trained by the trainer, teaching the main teams. A small, playful, cheerful girl rejoiced every day, barking loudly at the volunteer, calling for play and running. Unfortunately, after half a year the situation in the orphanage changed for the worse, the volunteers stopped being allowed into the territory, within two months she did not see the animal. When the first opportunity appeared to finally take the dog, the volunteer came to the orphanage. It was on this day that Lana experienced the most terrible moments of her life. She was dragged from a mountain by a horseman from the mountain, by the pitiful squeal of a puppy, clinging to a loop of a stranglehold near the brittle neck of an animal, a stiff man choking her, at the same time kicking a fragile dog’s body with his legs, dragging him, and at the gate of the shelter, just released from the hinge and thrown As not the right thing, slamming the gate. The dog did not understand what was happening, and in a state of shock she would rush along the road, along which the big wagons passed. The volunteer managed to catch and drag her into the car with great efforts. The dog shook and did not understand what was happening. The exhausted body, which did not eat for at least 3 weeks, was taken to a vet clinic where sedative injections were done to her – Lana fell asleep. For several days she spent in a cage, gnawed at the staff and “pee under herself”. She was afraid of any rustle, afraid of people, did not want to leave the cage. Seeing the terrible condition of the animal, the volunteer was forced to take her to her home, where Lana lived 3.5 months. At first, she was very hard and scared, she could not walk the first few days, she was carried on her hands to the street, any sound, rustle or gesture, caused her panic state, she began to frantically rush in horror, and in her eyes was such a frightful fear, For which she did not hear neither the command nor the voice of the volunteer. Within 2 weeks the dog could not eat, eagerly swallowed dry food. A week later, slowly, twisting at the feet of the volunteer, with small checkers, looking around, slowly began to walk. After 2.5 weeks – went to the park, walked along the paths. Lana calmed down and came to herself, but the horror of the experience lasted for a long time instilled in her the fear of tall men.

The time has passed and now the dog is fine, she walks calmly in the park, frolic with familiar dogs, she can be stroked and scratched behind her ear, she goes into contact even with strangers. The only thing, still pressed his ears and tail, as the fear remained for life. After the course of training and rehabilitation, she performs the basic types of teams, listens to the volunteer, behaves well both at home and on the street. Lana really needs caring and affectionate hands, a family is needed, ready to give attention and love to a dog that has faced human cruelty. A gentle, affectionate and quivering dog must necessarily believe that there are good people, she must be lucky. And she is ready for this! Lana reaches out to the person and wants to communicate with him. She is fully ready to enter the family for life. She is waiting for her very much. Nowadays lives in a temporary home with other dogs, behavies well.

8. Nutrition – allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – calm, unobtrusive, quiet, kind. likes to patted.

10. Attitude towards adults – with strangers on first contact is alerted, pinches ears and tail, cuddles to the floor, anxiety quickly passes. If she pat several times and talk. With familiar people, she behaves absolutely amicably, caresses, rejoices.

11. Attitude towards children – we prefer in a family with children older than 10 years.

12. Attitude to other males and bitches – In the first minute may be frightened, but the contact will go with the bitches and with the males. With familiar dogs can safely run on one territory.

13. Attitude to cats – good, likes cats. but we prefer family without cats, good with dogs, not dominance dogs

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed, walks normally, not pulling, always near your legs

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Near”, “Sitting”, “Lying”. The “Place” command should be repeated several times. OF course commands in Russian, But we try to study in Dutch

17. How he drives in the car: a little scared, but with a long trip peeks out the window and is interested in places. Silent, no sound!

18. Can I stay at home alone – able to stay, good if there is a company with other dogs

19. Toilet 3 times per day outside

20. Toys – likes to walk, from a person does not go far. Towards toys indifferent. Does not understand. Likes to run and walk. and sniff.

21. Wishes for owners – able to become the 2nd dog (male/female does not matter) In the apartment of the volunteer she lived with 5 dogs and males and bitches, with all the friends.Now lives in a temporary house with 3 dogs, behavies well.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably in an apartment or a country house in a family that will love and engage in it.