JUNI 2020
I would like to send another update about Laddushka (Ladda). It has been a while and there is a lot to tell ^^
Back when I first got her, she was quite timid and calm. When walking she always wanted to go straight back home. Nowadays she enjoys longer walks and we even went hiking in the Polders a couple of times for the day!
After acclimatizing I have decided to teach her some commands. I use Russian words as she seems to respond better to them (even though I am sure my pronounciation is atrocious!). I have taught her how to come, sit, lay down, focus on me and stay back. At home this works really well already and we are slowly moving to teach her these commands outside of the house as well.

Ladda is de moeder van Fairy, Luke en Leia. Samen met haar pups is ze door een vrijwilligster van de straat gehaald. Ze heeft echt afgezien; ze was hongerig, koud, kreeg soms een oplawaai en had ook nog de zorg voor haar kindjes.
Je zou verwachten dat een hond die zo’n leven achter de rug heeft zich moeilijk zou aanpassen aan een huiselijke omgeving. Niets is minder waar: Ladda, slim als ze is, had direct door dat zij en haar pups veilig waren. Ze is heel zachtaardig, kalm en aanhankelijk en had snel door wat er van haar werd verwacht. Ladda is erg graag thuis waar ze zich veilig voelt. Nu haar pups niet meer van haar afhankelijk zijn wordt het tijd dat Ladda een eigen thuis krijgt.

Ladda loopt op haar gemakje mee aan de lijn en heeft geen haast. Ze loopt het liefst samen met haar baasje op alhoewel ze zeker ook van rennen en spelen houdt. Maar de basis is haar baasje. Ladda wordt nu 3x daags uitgelaten en is zindelijk. Ladda kent nog geen commando’s, maar is wel heel gehoorzaam en baasgericht.

Houding tov volwassenen: Goed, naar onbekenden is ze wat afwachtend, maar ontdooit heel snel. Naar mensen die ze kent is ze uitermate vriendelijk en graag bij hen in de buurt.

Houding tov kinderen: Goed met kinderen vanaf 10 jaar.

Houding tov andere honden: Goed, Ladda kan heel goed overweg met zowel reutjes als teefjes en kan prima als tweede hond worden geplaatst.

Houding tov katten: Goed, Ladda schenkt geen aandacht aan katten. Ze heeft totaal geen jacht instinct.

Kan alleen zijn: Goed, Ladda is graag thuis en blijft kalm als ze alleen moet zijn. Ze maakt niets stuk.

Autorijden: Goed; Ladda zit graag in de auto.

Gezondheid: Ladda is gevaccineerd, gesteriliseerd, gechipt en heeft een dierenpaspoort.

Voorkeur woonomgeving: Geen voorkeur.

Voorkeur adoptanten: Ladda is heel geschikt voor een gezin met wat oudere kinderen en andere huisdieren. Gezien haar kalme karakter is ze zeker ook goed op haar plek bij een alleenstaand iemand of koppel. Thuis is ze het liefst bij haar baasje in de buurt.

1. This is Ladda or Lada or Laddushka. Ladda is the mother of dogs Fairy, Luke and Leia
2. Year of birth is approximately 2014.
3. Appearance (individuality, what is special about it): medium-sized fluffy dog.
4. Weight is 18 kg, size at withers is 45 cm
5. Health – healthy.
6. Sterilized. Vaccinated. Chipped.
7. The history of the dog
Ladda was rescued from the street, where she fought desperately for her life and the life of her puppies. Accustomed to enduring beatings, hunger, cold and need, obtaining food for themselves and their puppies, the exhausted and sick dog wandered to the playground in the last hope, where she was really lucky for the first time in her life and the volunteer girl noticed her.
Ladda, Ladushka and her puppies were taken from the street and placed on a juggling. How did a dog who did not see anything good from people understood that nobody would hurt her here, but, on the contrary, would take care of her? But Lada understood this, she immediately believed the person who had saved her and her puppies from a painful death on the street. Lada cured and sterilized. Some of Lada’s puppies very quickly found their owners, but Lada was not lucky …
But Ladushka is very clever! From the very first days she understood all the rules of behavior in the apartment and on a walk. She is very kind to all people and animals that are familiar. Lada – a real family dog! She is ready to make a company both in unhurried walks and in fun games. Lada is a real companion dog, she knows how to and likes to listen to a person, you can share the most intimate secrets with her.
Ladushka is waiting for her true loyal friend. There is an abyss of unspent love and tenderness in her, which she very much wants to give to her real family. Calm, affectionate and very intelligent, Lada is ready to accompany her beloved master in unhurried walks and happy to return to her home where she will feel needed and protected from any vicissitudes of the cruel world. Lada waits and believes that somewhere there is that person who needs her as much as she needs him.
8. Food – no allergies have been identified. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.
9. Character – general temperament – a very affectionate, obedient, calm and balanced dog.
10. Attitude towards adults – on first acquaintance, she is careful, but quickly begins to trust. Friendly with all familiar people, loves human company.
11. Attitude to children – suitable for a family with children over 10 years old.
12. Attitudes towards other males and bitches – friendly to dogs, but unobtrusive. Excellent life with dogs of any gender.
13. Attitudes towards cats -Does not pay any attention.
14. Attitude to other animals – does not pay attention.
15. How she walks on a leash – accustomed to the leash, calmly walks beside him.
16. Does any team know: clearly does not know the team.
17. How to rides by car: perfect
18. Can she stay at home alone – she lives in the apartment. Nothing spoils, does not bark, does not cause any trouble. She likes to be at home very much, she carefully treats her and other people’s things.
19. Toilet – accustomed to walking three times per day.
20. Toys – walks next to a person, prefers slow walks, but can run and play. After street wanderings, she likes to be at home, next to familiar people.
21. Wishes for owners – suitable for a family with children over 10 years old, possibly a second dog .
22. Wishes at the place of residence – all housing options are considered.