Klepa in haar wintervacht

MEI 2013

Hier een filmpje van Klepa. Ze is bij ons sinds zondagavond. Klepa is aanhankelijk, lief en superschattig!!!!


This cat was brought from the city Kireevsk (Central Russia) where she was preparing to go on feeding to pigs from the farm throw meat grinder (because cat was unhome and vagabondage earn on such cats money).

In October 2012 about 40 cats were taken to Moscow, about 10 have died already in Moscow clinics from disease and infection.

This cat was lucky to survive, recover and now she is eager to find a house…

Klepa is a small Persian princess with rare color “black smoke” really wants to become queen Cleopatra … Help the fluffy hazy beauty with Persian-Siberian roots fulfill a cherished dream and to find a personal palace with loving masters.

Klepa petite, playful, flirtatious and very, very beautiful – she an ideal, isn’t it?)

Klepa is young (10-11 months), healthy, vaccinated, neutered and knows all that is necessary to know the true cat lady.