November 2017

Het is ongelofelijk hoe relaxed Roger was na het ophalen op Schiphol ( in de auto sliep hij al). Hij luistert echt bijzonder goed. Sinds twee weken loopt hij los en hij is helemaal in zijn element. Ik heb er niet de juiste woorden voor om te omschrijven hoe blij we zijn. Deze gaat nooit meer bij ons weg!

1. This young dog named Irwin. Irwin adores kids! And this is his trick!!!

Nowadays since the middle of july 2017 Irwin lives at Dacha (please read our project Dacha)

2. Year of birth is approximately: July 2016.

3. Appearance – mix of stray dogs. The coat is short. Color: pale yellow with white and gray.

4. Weight (approximate) – 20 kg / 55 cm height

5. Health – externally healthy, quarantined in the vet clinic. Vaccinated. Chipped.

6. Castrated.
7. The history of the dog.
The volunteer found Irwin and his brother at the construction market in the village of Aleshino. Someone from the workers brought 2 small puppies, and left. In the market they were all loved. Merry, nimble little boys galloped and rushed, begged for food and played with everyone who paid attention to them. At the call of the volunteer, the puppied fled at full speed, rejoiced at a friend who brought “delicious”. After feeding they thanked, barking loudly in the car. Every time a volunteer came to visit them, there was no joy in the chapel. In the autumn, the puppies were taken to the shelter. They passed quarantine, and at first everything was not bad. Each of the brothers had a booth, although they were put on a chain, but they were on the aisle, and communication with people was constant. Unfortunately, after a few months the situation in the shelter changed for the worse, the “kids” were put in a distant wooden enclosure with other puppies. Seldom did they reach their hands, and behind the blind fence there was not much to be seen. At the end of February, a photograph was taken, and when the turn came to Irvin, everyone was horrified. It was a small skeleton wagging its tail and rejoicing at the man. The exhausted body of the animal, said that it was obviously undernourished, and not one week. In horror, the volunteer took away the “baby” and was taken to the clinic, where an obstruction of the intestine was detected during examination and X-ray. Irwin swallowed the iron button! The dog was urgently operated on. For several days the dog was hospitalized at the clinic. The volunteer was forced to take Irwin home, as long care and rehabilitation was required. So Irwin got into the house.

At first it was difficult, because the “kid” did not know and did not understand the rules of living in the house. He was gaining strength after the operation and was happy that he was with the man and at home !!! He was very glad that he moved to good conditions, they were engaged in, he was treated, and the food was all the time. At first the dog could not eat, swallow small portions of food and asked for more, the hungry months in the orphanage were not in vain. Gradually, Irwin began to calm down and get used to: walking in the park, tasty food, training with the trainer led the “guy” into feelings. He learned to adhere to the schedule and schedule, easily obeyed the rules of living in the house. The only downside was the “naughty nature of a tomboy.” For “petty dirty tricks” and “hooliganism” he lived in a cage and studied “good manners”. It was not easy! Over time, he was released from the cage and allowed not only to walk around the room, but also to lie on the master’s sofa. The kid appreciated, and tried to behave well, but this, unfortunately, did not always work. In this “unequal struggle of youth with playfulness,” Irwin and the volunteer spent several unforgettable months!

Now Irwin is closing the “summer season”. He develops in nature with other dogs, runs, walks and plays. The dog is very cheerful, active, loves children, kisses with everyone who knows. For him it is more important to always communicate with a person, rather than with dogs. He adores people and reaches out to them, especially Irwin loves children. Apparently, he feels that you can play with them and have fun, that this is his team. He is ready to play with children all the time! Everyone who sees Irwin will notice this. Cheerfulness is the main feature of his character. His fervent disposition is a teenager’s desire to play enough and jump in, jump and jump. He really wants to frolic!

One can say for sure that Irwin forgot all the bad things that were once. He is full of energy and ready for a new life in the family, where “his great friends” will love and care for him. He is ready to fully open up to a new relationship with a person, he will necessarily become the most loyal and devoted “member of the family”.

8. Nutrition – allergies not detected. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – general temperament – cheerful, active, fervent, loves to kiss and play.

10. Attitude towards adults – very sociable dog. open to all people, ready to communicate with any person, sincerely enjoys any attention to yourself, ready to be friends and Kissing at once, easily and quickly goes to contact.

11. Attitude towards children – adores small children and teenagers very much, everyone is happy, ready to kiss and play with everyone. It can be ironed and hugged.

12. Attitude to other males and bitches – friendly with everyone.

13. Attitude to cats – likes. does not much understand who they are

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As he walks on a leash – to the leash accustomed, walks normally.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, a little “Nearby”, “Sit”, “Lie”, “Walk around”. The “Place” command should be repeated several times. In Russian of course.

17. How to ride in the car: good. likes riding

18. Can he stay at home alone – he is still a puppy, for the first time need to use a bench, at Dacha lives good.

19. Toilet – nowadays 3 times per day

20. Toys – he likes to walk, ready to get acquainted with all passing. He wants to frolic, run, play. He plays with toys, but he is very interested in who plays with him.

21. Wishes for owners – he is able to become the 2nd dog with male/female, absolutely non-conflicting. In the apartment of the volunteer lived with 5 dogs and males and bitches, with all was friends. Now lives at Dacha and adores everyone.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably in an apartment or a country house in a family that will love and engage in it.