Ruim een week geleden kwam het kleine russische meisje met de “kapotte pootjes” Hati bij ons wonen. Inmiddels heet ze Eefie en is ze al mee geweest op een kleine vakantie en heeft ze al helemaal haar plekje gevonden. Wat een knuffelbeertje is het!! Wij zijn nu al stapelgek op haar.

Hati, een Russische sprookje (deel 1)
Hati, winter 2016 9 (deel 2)
Hati (deel 3)
Hati (deel 4)

Lieve kleine Hati: stoere hond, dappere dame, onze heldin.

Lieve adoptanten, geïnteresseerden, sympathisanten: bovenstaand verhaal en de mogelijkheden voor in dit geval rushondje Hati is enkel mogelijk dankzij uw steun en donaties. * Wij kunnen u daar niet genoeg voor bedanken *

Hati was given her name by the Ukrainian volunteers, who first had found her at the railway station of one of the small Ukrainian cities, the name of the dog was given from the name of the shelter “Hatiko”, which they supervise, the dog was called HATI, we did not change that name.
So the dog was first found by Ukrainian volunteers at the time when it hit the train right at the station, it was then less than 1 year old, in 2015, then the volunteers treated her wounds on the front legs and the dog, as the volunteers thought, was adopted, but in fact, a whole year after that the dog lived on the street, at the railway station, then she was found by our volunteer – curator of Hati, a year after the tragedy in 2016, in Ukraine, in the spring of 2016 at the station of one of the Ukrainian cities. When she found her, she came up to her on the hind legs, our volunteer fed up the dog, she thought that the dog was asking for food in this way, as if she was “serving,” but as it turned out, she could skilfully walk on the two hind limbs, at that moment Hati was pregnant with puppies…
the volunteer found the dog a foster in Ukraine, where she lived for 1 month in a house where she later gave birth to her puppies, the puppies were found families by Ukrainian volunteers. Then we made Hati all the vaccinations, and sent her by car to St. Petersburg for fostering in Russia. Where she was sterilized and vaccinated completely.
At the moment Hati is living in a private house on a foster near St. Petersburg, with a good walk in the territory of a private house in company with other dogs.
Her approximate age is 2 years (2015 year of birth).
The dog is light-colored, short-haired, of small stature, as a result of a trauma experienced up to 1 year, there is a shortened fore-foot and shattered fingers of the forelimbs on both legs.
6 kg approximately, at the withers 33 cm (measured with a ruler, there may be an error of +/- 2 cm), neck – 30 cm, chest girth 52. 6 cm, sterilized, vaccinated.
In 2015 she got under the train while was a puppy teenager, she turned the end of the forelegs, her limbs were fractured.
Weight gain should not be allowed, so that it would not be so difficult for her to walk and lean on the foot that was damaged and that there was not excessive stress on the spine. Avoid solid asphalt type as possible, if you walk on the asphalt, then not for long.
Nutrition: Dry food, any goodies, vegetables and fruits, omnivorous, allergies were not observed.
Character: Active, independent, but sometimes “obtrusive” loving. Could be both affectionate and cunning. Wary of strangers in the first minutes, will bark (if on her territory), after a short acquaintance to all – is very friendly. She does not like when strangers immediately take her up in arms, may get scared and even snap off nose. But over time, when she feels that she is familiar with the person, she comes to you by own with pleasure and climbs on your knees.
She was checked on the three-year-old child who understands that the dog needs to be stroked cautiously, there was no difference in communication with adults. At first she barked from the side, then began to jump on him in joy and to fawn upon him.
Equal relation of both males and females. To unfamiliar dogs can show aggression – barks, rises withers, can even sometimes fights. She dominates other dogs at home, can growl. Good relationships and games with dogs of a similar temperament (equal to her – not weaker and not stronger than her in nature).
Relation to a cat: It depends on the cat, but there is no aggression on cats. With a playful cat will play, with aggressively will try to dominate and chase.
When you fasten the leash it can be frightened of this moment, sometimes it’s so frightened that she can make a small puddle, just at the time of fastening the leash, and in the street she can pull, for example, if she doesn’t want to go in a puddle or forward or if she frightened of something . In general, walks a meter from a person calmly on a leash.
She doesn’t know any commands. But if she starts bark, the host of the foster stops her and the dog becomes a “candle” – she stands up on her two hind legs and argues with the hostess (scratches with her paws, grumbles… it is very very funny)
Afraids of the car,does not sway on the average length of the distance, it is better to carry her in the car in the cage, where she feels much calmer and more confident.
She is able to stay home alone, but reacts on sounds, can bark. Likes to tear something, mostly soft (need a good soft toys for “tearing”, can tear her own bed).
Accustomed to the toilet outside, walks 2-3 times a day.
Likes to play, likes toys that can be gnawed / torn; On the street, if she is alone with a person, she will walk around your feet. If you stop, then she will lie down in the grass; If she sees a familiar dog – she will be run and play with her.
Hati is suitable for any owners, the main thing is that at first people should patiently treat her, for example she has a fear of fastening a leash to be treated with understanding and patience, very young children are undesirable (again, depends on the child), as a second dog she is also possible if the first one Not dominant, Hati is not afraid of anyone, can responds to a dog’s menacing roar.