Gretta 2

Oktober 2017

Gretta maakt het goed, ze heeft een super enthousiaste speelvriendin: mijn hond Puck, 10 maanden oud.

De rit van Schiphol naar huis (2,5 uur) is rimpelloos verlopen, het leek of ze al elke dag een rit per auto had gemaakt. Ze past zich vlot aan aan de gewoonten en het ritme van het huis en je merkt daarbij hoe slim ze is: ze memoriseert alles! Wandelen vindt ze heerlijk en doet ze heel gedisciplineerd. Misschien een beetje tè: ze lijkt vaak bang om het niet goed te doen? terwijl ze gewoon voorbeeldig is.

Als ze op haar deken in de huiskamer ligt, kijkt ze me altijd heel vriendelijk aan, alsof ze wil aangeven dat ze gelukkig is, maar mij echt volledig vertrouwen doet ze nog lang niet. Ik vind dat ook niet erg, ik ben heel geduldig en rustig, en ben bereid haar alle tijd te geven die ze nodig heeft.

Het maakt me blij te zien dat ze hier graag is , dat ze kan genieten van haar nieuw leven en dat ze het zo goed stelt met Puck. Eigenlijk is het een zeer gevoelige hond die alles registreert en alles opslaat, dus weegt hetgeen ze vermoedelijk eerder meemaakte dubbel zwaar. En ik ben helemaal weg van haar wolvensnuitje. Ze lijkt zo sterk op een wolfje, niet enkel qua uiterlijk maar ook wat betreft haar wantrouwen naar mensen, haar jachtinstinct ( mijn kippen!!), haar uitstekend geheugen, de manier waarop ze zich beweegt…

Na vier weken is ze een deel van het gezin, ik kan me niet anders meer voorstellen. Ik ben oprecht blij dat ze bij ons woont. Gretta maakt het elke dag beter: dag na dag verliest ze een stukje angst. Sinds twee dagen mag ik ze knuffelen! Een grote blijk van vertrouwen van dit hondje.

This golden beauty named Gretta 2

Nowadays since the middle of june 2017 Gretta lives at dacha (please read our project Dacha) with her mother Elza (geadopteerd in Moskou).

2. Year of birth is approximately: October 2016.

3. Appearance – mix of stray dogs. The coat is short. Color: gray with black and white undercoat.

4. Weight is around 18 kg
Height 42 cm

5. Health – externally healthy, hospital stayed for 2 months, after catching from the industrial zone. Vaccinated. Chipped.

6. Sterilized.

7. The history of the dog
Gretta was born in the industrial zone, the puppy, along with her mother and her brother, ran around the area in search of food and attention. She was lucky, tenants and guards, a woman for her and a friend, were also very nice to her. She did not see the bad, so she openly contacted people. When the volunteer began to come every day, Gretta first ran out to meet a friend and wet nurse, was happy and asked for “delicious”. She always wanted more attention, after feeding for her was obligatory “hugs and kisses”, sadly parted, escorted the volunteer’s car to the gate and the next day met her again. When she came with her mother and brother to pick up, the first one jumped into the car, barking loudly and showing everyone that she was ready for a new life, she was happy with a friend who came to pick her up, urging the others.

Who is Gretta?
Joyous, active, cheerful, fervent, always happy to take a walk and play, “party girl” easily entering any company, attentive, helpful – all this is Gretta! Very much opened to people and easily goes to contact to people

Gretta passed quarantine in a vet clinic for 2 months and immediately got into a shelter in which she lived with her mother and brother. With her, the trainer was engaged in the main types of teams, and she is very clever! Listened to the first time, carefully performing the whole team. She tried very hard to win her attention and approval – it was clear from her behavior and how carefully she looked at the man – I’m doing everything right !? You are pleased with me !? I CAN MUCH, Tell me WHAT I SHOULD DO !? LISTEN AND SUBMITTED

Gretta is very much waiting for her family, she needs human attention very much.
It is enough to see her once, and you understand that this “little one” really wants to go home, very much wants her own family and the main friend in her life. She really needs love and care, attention, she really wants to please, and she tries, tries, tries. A small sly Gretta will find an approach to any person, ready for cohabitation, both with older people, and with a young family willing to take care of it

Gretta perfectly listens you and ready to join you in every event!

8. Nutrition – allergies are not identified. Eats dry food / canned food. Loves dog treats.

9. Character – general temperament – kind, tender, affectionate, playful, very focused on a person.

10. Attitude towards adults (friendly with everyone, alert to strangers, coward, can manifest aggression, growl, focus on one person): With familiar people, behaves absolutely friendly, caresses, plays, gives paw, kisses. With strangers quickly goes to contact. She has no fears.

11. Attitude towards children – in a family with children older than 10 years.

12. Attitude to other males and females – with familiar dogs can safely run in one area, with strangers easily goes to contact. Does not show aggression, only interest.

13. Attitude to cats – Unknown.

14. Relation to other animals – unknown.

15. As she walks on a leash – to the leash is accustomed. There are no special complaints.

16. Does any team know: knows the commands: “To me”, “Nearby”, “Sitting”, “Lying”. The “Place” command is unfamiliar. In Russian language. But she is a good student! And ready to study Dutch!

17. As she drives in the car: well, with a long trip peeks out the window and is interested in places. Silent, no sound!

18. Can she stay at home alone – nowadays stays at Dacha. Shows a good result!

19. Toilet – nowadays 3 times per day

20. Toys – indifferent. likes to walk, play’s with dogs.

21. Wishes for the owners – Gretta is able to become the 2nd dog both with the dog (male/female does not matter), not conflicting.

22. Wishes at the place of residence – all options are considered, but preferably in an apartment or a country house in a family that will love and engage in it.