JUNI 2019

Het gaat uitstekend, ze is erg lief en loopt goed met de lijn.
Het strand vindt ze ook geweldig, ze speelt heel veel met andere honden, dat vindt ze heel leuk.

We vinden ’t nu al een super hond!

Dakota, a mix. She is 9-10 months old (born in April 2018). Her colour is reddish grey with fauve spot on her fur, slope-eared, ears laying on earleather. 58 cm tall, weight is about 18-20 kg. Chipped, vaccinated twice. Treated against parasites. Healthy. Eats everything. Neutered.
When a puppy, her and her sister were dumped off in a stable near Zelenograd (affiliated to Moscow). She lived there since early summer till November. Later the girls were taken to a countryside foster home, and in December Dakota moved to a very comfortable foster place, where only 2 more home dogs and 2 cats live. Dakota is quietness itself, her sister brushes against her all the time, and Dakota takes it lying down. She is very warm, tender and sociable. She was so friendly with all in the stable – cats, bunnies, dogs, goats and surely horses. How in the home Dakota is extremely friendly too with animals and kids. She loves someone to caress her or to play with her, she is friendly to everyone, but fuss-free. Dakota takes everything quietly. She is interested in new places and new people – it is her only second trip by car and she is about to put her paws ready to jump in the hatchback. She catches on the commands, but does everything slowly, at a leisurely pace. Dakota can allow a stranger to come up and caress her, would love to be hugged and cuddled. She went at a leash quickly without a problem. No car sickness. When Dakota was living in the stable, she got used to outdoor life and knows her area boundary, though she never left that area. Dakota will become an excellent home dog, she can join any family, where she will carry out all the orders. Dakota is very well-balanced.