Tot mijn grote verdriet heb ik Bundy als gevolg van een levertumor op 28 december 2022 moeten laten inslapen. Bundy is bijna vijf jaar mijn lieve, trouwe kameraad geweest. Ik mis hem verschrikkelijk.

APRIL 2018

BundyHallo, even een kleine update over Bundy.
Het is een ongelooflijk lieve en ook nog eens rustige hond, die ontzettend graag geaaid wil worden. Als ik langs hem loop en zeg ‘Hé Bundy’ werpt hij zich op zijn zij of rug om geaaid te worden. Hij windt iedereen om zijn poot. Hij kan zonder probleem mee in de auto, is zindelijk (dat was nog niet helemaal duidelijk), is niet waaks en lijkt geen problemen met katten te hebben.

Ik ben nu voorzichtig bezig hem steeds iets langer alleen thuis te laten; we zitten nu op een uur. Als ik weer thuis kom, word ik hartelijk verwelkomd. We gaan bijna elke dag voor een langere wandeling naar het bos, morgen misschien voor het eerst naar het strand. Ik kan Bundy in principe zonder probleem mee naar anderen nemen. Hij is wel als de dood voor onweer. Ben benieuwd hoe het met vuurwerk zit.

Alles bij elkaar is Bundy een lot uit de loterij; ik ben ontzettend blij met hem.

Bundy – date of birth 2012, at the withers 50 cm, weighs 20-22 kg. Healthy, vaccinated, castrated. At first glance, Bundy does not have anything remarkable, but you will look at his face and you will immediately understand that he will be devoted to you all his life …And, of course, he is very funny able to spread his ears in different directions …

Bundy’s life was not very successful …There are dogs who were lucky at once and they found their home, others were lucky a little later and they also found their home … But Bundy was not lucky … Fate turned to him not a bright side …His story from the words of the shelter’s veterinarian:

Bundy was led and gave to the shelter by people who had found him tied to a tree. They put him in a cage, where he was immediately bitten by dogs, and he could not defend himself … Maybe he was a former home dog ?? and did not know what to do in such a situation… What could he do alone against several dogs …. well that he was alive and got into the veterinarian block. He was cured and put in another cage …. And after a while again the same thing happened …. bitten and thin (dogs did not allow him to eat and drink), nobody needed with frightened eyes, he again came into the vet block. And it happened several times ….
Markings on his face speak about many things ….

And in the spring of 2017 a dog from our volunteer Galina’s sector got into the vet block too and the workers also put Bundy ( bitten once again !!!). At that time he did not have a name. And our Galina met him for the first time and knew his sad story. After it she took him under her defense. When Bundy was treated, we took him with another dog to Galina’s sector. And now Bundy has new good friends – first Platosha (presented on the site) and Milosh, and, when Milos pulled out a lucky ticket and flew to Holland, a dog Otra became his friend (also presented on the site). With them, he quickly became friends and realized that here no one would touch him. Already a hero, a tail is relaxed and doesn’t afraid of others dogs …
After going through all these sad cases, Bundy is not embittered, loves and trusts people and is good with dogs

Now our Bundy recovered, plays with his new friends. Likes to run, play, communicate with volunteers. Likes to cuddle and caress …A lively and sociable dog …He walks well on a leash. Does not pull. He has a very funny gait, like a prancing horse …

Attitude to people he is good. Maybe it is better for an elderly family. We don’t know his reaction towards cats and small children. Also it’s not clear how he travels in a car and tolerate at home without toilet.