JUNI 2014

Barney is a cozy little fat cat breed Snow-Shoe

Barney is a tight physique (5 kg), blue-eyed handsome cat in the prime of life (3-4 years old). How he spent the first years of his life, no one knows, but one thing is certain – he is the former home cat. Such beauty in itself can not appear on the street.

Barney was found in late autumn in the kindergarten, where he lived with his family – his cat-girlfriend and their children (3 kittens). But kindergarten – a place for the human children, and not the cat … The cat family was taken away, the kittens were adopted, parents were sterilized. Recently Barney’s cat-girlfriend also went to a new family, and our fat cat grew sad because left all alone…

Barney is a gentle calm cat, he appreciates the attention and comfort. Perfectly gets on with other cats, without aggression and needless curiosity relates to dogs. Can live with children – he has already reared his own, so he would be pleased to participate in the upbringing of yours. A true gentleman – knows tray and a “claws sharpener”.

Overall, Barney is not a cat – a real dream! Look at his blue eyes – maybe this dream is yours?