MEI 2015

Dear My Martins,

These are some recent photos of Astra, who I adopted in April 2014. Astra is still the happiest cat you can imagine. Everyone immediately falls in love with her. All my neighbours in Amsterdam adore her because she is very explorative and social. I am happy every time I wake up or come home and find her waiting for me.

Best wishes,


Aster – is your personal energizer!

Very cheerful cat Aster is looking for a home and loving owners.

In her former family the baby was born and her previous owners have no enough time for Aster. So they brought the cat to the shelter.

Aster is very active, groovy, affectionate and funny young cat. She loves everybody – adults, children, dogs, cats and even other animals. She is ready to play 24 hours a day! What is very important – all her games are without any aggression and scratches.

If there is nobody around to play, Aster will lie on her back, spread her legs in all directions – as starfish! This is her favorite pose to sleep. But when somebody will pass – Aster will wake up quickly and try to catch you for new games. Of course, without claws – she is smart and mannered cat!

Aster also likes to travel and really well behaves herself in the car. She is very curious and everything in this world is interesting to her.

Aster is very young cat, almost kitten – 1,3 years old. She is big enough now – her weight is about 5 kg now and will increase in the future, because she is still growing. Aster is healthy, vaccinated, sterilized and has a chip.

This cat is ideal pet for all people – married and single, young and adult, with other pets or without.